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Live Review: ALTA's epic list of 'songs to walk home too'

31 October 2016 | 12:55 pm | Natalie Turner

Melbourne duo ALTA have released their best work yet with their new "Sincere" EP, and have served up a tight playlist for us to celebrate.

As one of the most promising acts to come out of Melbourne, touring around Europe with the likes of Tokimonsta, Jonwayne, Ta-ku and securing spots at numerous international festivals such as Strawberry Fields, Paradise Music Festival and Inca Roads, ALTA have quickly become a household name on our shores and beyond.

The duo have just released their latest EP, Sincere, comprising of five smooth and soulful hip-hop infused experimental electronica. Featuring lead singles 'Plans' and 'Unbelievable', we once again get to hear ALTA progress even further, as with each release they get just that little bit more refined whils expressing even more creativity in their music.

To celebrate the release of what we think is their best work yet, we asked ALTA to expand on their musical knowledge, and deliver a Soundcloud Wrap of songs to walk home to. Now I don't know about you, but with a playlist like this, I'll be taking the long way!

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Anderson Paak & Knxwledge - Lyk Dis

This cheeky lil number is the perfect song to walk home to either in the arvo  when you getting that juicy of slice daylight savings, or when you had a night out and you feeling like listening to a track that is chill but still gets the shoulders moving. We’ve both been Knxwledge fans for everrrrrr and mixed with Paak’s vocals woahhhhh someone get those guys a mango lassi or something coz this track is fire

Noname - Yesterday

My mate introduced me to Noname a few months back and man o man am I glad that that happened.  The way she weaves her words to fit like some perfect jenga on the beat maaaaattteee what a feel good track. This one you walk to meet your mates to have a drink or whatevs for some feel good times.

RAY BLK - My Hood

This woman is on the rise and we are watching her intently! This one is cool cause her lyrics make you feel like you are walking home with her. Stormzy jumps in for a surprise like heyyyyy I’m just gunna melt ya heart for a bit then duck off again bye.

Ghost Poet - Cash and Carry Me Home

This track has always been one of my jam sandy’s.  His timing on this track especially has been a massive influence on me as a singer. For some reason this track makes me feel a bit nervous in a way I like. After a big night…. bad day…. Shit date, whatever just get me homeeeeeeeee.

L’Orange & Jeremiah Jae -Taken by the Night

What a combo and what a track.  This track is for when you’re out for just one drink but end up anywhere and everywhere.


Just put this your headphones when you’re on the tram/train/bus en route home and bliss out. Whether you got your own seat with the sun kissing you like you’ve just walked in the door, or if you’re stuck standing with someone’s smelly pitt planted in ya shnoz its OK this track will help make the trip more tolerable.

The Streets - Could Well Be In

Sitting on the top shelf, this song should be put in a frame and draped in gold. What a classic.  This one is for when you with your new found spice and start thinking that you want to go home, with said spice, but are playing it chill cause making assumptions is never 2016. Trust me next time you walk up ol Sydney Road put this one in ya headies, it’s a real treat.

Spooky Black - Pull

This track doesn’t want you to walk home, but you do, but you realllly don’t want to, but you do.  Also Spooky for the win….end of story.

Junglepussy - Spicy 103 FM

Junglepussy is so spicy it burns! What a Queeeennnnn! This track is when you’re walking home and ya think ohhhhh shit I think I may have just pushed the boundaries to the absolute limit that time… haha ah well ya win some you loose some am I rite?? …. Please someone say I’m rite #help

Jorja Smith - Blue Light

Went out, was a bit shitty, you feel chill and not bothered that is was a shitty night, but just want to get back to your safe place wherever that may be.

Sincere is out now via SOOTHSAYER. You can catch ALTA at the below dates:

Friday October 28 | Red Bull Sound Select @ Civic Underground | Sydney

Monday October 31 (Cup Eve) | The Toff In Town | Melbourne

Saturday January 21 | Sugar Mountain @ VCA | Melbourne