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Live Review: Alice Ivy, Willaris. K, Empress Of: Best Songs of The Week

3 April 2020 | 11:19 am | Staff Writer

Ten new releases you need to hear today including singles from Alice Ivy, Willaris. K and Empress Of plus many, many more!

Each week, we receive countless submissions of exciting new music, so we’ll be taking you through a weekly wrap up of all our favourite new tunes every Friday called #TrustedForTaste. Follow our Spotify playlist to never miss our updates!

For more new music and news, head to the Purple Sneakers websiteRead on for new music from Willaris. KKlloAnnie HamiltonAlice IvyMELODOWNZEmpress OfAlex The AstronautBriskeyLil Halima and TRU'.

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Willaris. K - Cobaki Sky

The way Willaris. K injects so much palpable emotion into his techno is the reason he is one of the most exciting artists in the world right now. It's got soul and heart in such a way that his songs grab you and refuse to let go, even holding on long after the song has finished. 'Cobaki Sky' is another slam dunk for the producer as he continues his meteoric rise to total world domination, serving as a nearly six minute journey into his world. Everything he does is utterly flawless, and he somehow just gets better and better with each release. 'Cobaki Sky', taken from his LUSTRE EP out today, is no different. All hail Willaris. K.

Kllo - Still Here

Kllo are back! Any week there's new Kllo is a great week indeed, and when it sounds as good as their latest single, 'Still Here', does... Well, we're absolutely sold. Over a garage-leaning beat, Chloe Kaul's vocals will have you floored from the moment she starts to sing, and as the track steadily swells and blooms into its own beautiful world, 'Still Here' is a reminder that Kllo are exactly that and we're so glad. They've also announced a new album on the way titled Maybe We Could and slated for release July 17th, so keep your eyes peeled for more Kllo on the way!

Annie Hamilton - Panic

Alongside the news of her forthcoming, self-titled debut EP, Annie Hamilton's 'Panic' is a searing anthem for anxious folks everywhere. Inspired by her own struggles with anxiety and self-doubt, it's a crashing, thundering act of defiance as Hamilton stares her demons right in the face. It's gritty and bold in its vulnerability, and sets Hamilton up very nicely indeed for what's still to come from her. If 'Panic' is anything at all to go by, we're in for a treat with Annie Hamilton!

Alice Ivy - Don't Sleep (Ft. Imbi and BOI)

One of the country's best producers makes her long awaited return this week. Also announcing her forthcoming second album, Don't Sleep out July 17th, Alice Ivy has shared a brand new single of the same name and has tapped Imbi and BOI to join her for the ride. Featuring Alice Ivy's now classic style of production in that it's vibrant and effervescent, but meticulously crafted as well. Joining the ranks of her inspirations like The Avalanches, there is absolutely no stopping Alice Ivy and we can't wait to hear more.


Following on from the explosive Denzel Curry featuring 'No Mercy', New Zealand's MELODOWNZ is back with 'Fine' this week. An upbeat, feel-good track, 'Fine' is a brief escape back to the summer that was, and once again shines a light on him as a serious act to watch. Not missing a beat, MELODOWNZ is the king of vibes on this one. Don't sleep on him!

Empress Of - Love Is A Drug

Taken from her new album I'm Your Empress Of also out today, 'Love Is A Drug' is the latest single from Empress Of. It's Empress Of at her finest on this track, with crisp beats bubbling away under her trademark vocals to create a futuristic club-pop bop. It's also classic Empress Of in that she'll have you dancing and singing the lyrics before you realise that the song is actually quite devastating with its all-too-relatable lyrics. Feel it all out!

Alex The Astronaut - Split The Sky

There's no denying we are in very strange times indeed, and because of that, many of us are turning to music to help us make sense of it all. Some songs provide escape, some allow us to feel our anger and frustration and sadness, and some just allow us the space we need to try and detangle our minds a little. It's the latter category which Alex The Astronaut's new single, 'Split The Sky' falls into. All about life coming at you fast and having to get through a tough time by rising to the occasion, Alex The Astronaut once again employees her incredible songwriting ability to voice what many of us are thinking and feeling. It's a very special release, and also references one of the very best coping mechanisms available: watching Harry Potter. What's not to love?

Briskey - Don't Want To Talk About It

I didn't realise how much I needed a warm slice of alt-pop until I hit play on this Briskey track. Titled 'Don't Want To Talk About It', it's effortlessly, easy-going indie dance pop. From Briskey's bold vocals to the bouncy hook, 'Don't Want To Talk About It' is a total bop and absolutely infectious from the very start. We can't get enough!

Lil Halima - Glue

Norway's Lil Halima holds it down with her latest single, 'Glue'. Her soulful RnB vocals are perfectly accompanied by a sparse but impactful beat, slowing swelling into a total jam with a funk-filled hook where Lil Halima really shines. It's the latest from the rising star who refuses to slow down, and we are absolutely here for it.

Tru' - Lose You

Western Sydney's TRU', aka Sara Tamim, makes her debut this week with 'Lose You'. It's ethereal and left-of-centre, and the way it doesn't hit where you might expect makes for a captivating listen. It's equal parts nostalgic and futuristic in its production, and TRU''s vocals take centre-stage as a shining light in amongst the darkness. TRU' said of her single, "I wrote Lose You is about the fear losing someone, but it's also about the impatience of waiting for something to happen, and not wanting it to slip away before you've grabbed it..." We can't wait to hear more!

Words by Emma Jones

Images: Alice Ivy - Aneta Urbanaite; Willaris. K - Supplied; Empress Of - Supplied