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Live Review: Aeora's 'Afloat' gets a slow rework from Arthur Wimble

2 September 2016 | 2:22 pm | Lauren Payne

Unpredictable and brilliant, Arthur Wimble has worked his magic on Aeora's 'Afloat' to make it a swirling, delicate wonderland.


Aeora released her debut EP Alt. not long ago and if you haven't heard it, let me tell you it's basically perfection. A stand out track on the EP is 'Afloat' and Brisbane's Arthur Wimble thought the track was so good that he decided to strip it back in a brand new remix.

'Afloat' is not dissimilar to a warm cup of coffee on the coldest of days. Similar to Snakadaktal, Aeora allows her production to feel quite airy but it's her strong and defiant vocals that seem to hold the track together and give it it's punchy personality. 'Afloat' feels full and fully rounded, but now that Arthur Wimble has tweaked it, there is a whole new side to 'Afloat' that we may not have noticed otherwise.

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Starting off with a soft piano, 'Afloat' feels lighter and very delicate but once chopped vocals start to sway with deep synths, the track begins to feel more alive. Arthur Wimble blends the softer side of the track with an upbeat bridge and then, when you least expect it, he drops in his own vocals. Harmonies then decorate 'Afloat' and it feels like velvet when it enters your ears.

Wimble has transformed 'Afloat' into a sweet duet and presented it in a very intricate electronic package. When he's got his hands on an amazing track like 'Afloat', what is there he cannot do?

Words by Lauren Payne.