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Live Review: Aeora debuts a colourful clip for 'Up To You'

9 September 2016 | 10:30 am | Lauren Payne

As you can probably tell, we've been keeping a pretty close eye on the talented Aeora since her debut EP Alt. was released.

As you can probably tell, we've been keeping a pretty close eye on the talented Aeora since her debut EP Alt. was released. Getting lost in the smooth melodies and light vocals that emit from the EP is extremely calming and ever since it came out, Aeora has slowly been releasing accompanying music videos for each. Today, we have a brand new one for you.

Aeora released a clip for 'Up To You' a couple of days ago and it's an amazingly tranquil watch. The song itself is classic Aeora. With an airy melody and a hard pop of synth that kicks the track to life, 'Up To You' feels like a dreamy wonderland and Aeora is your tour guide.

The video has a very simple direction and focuses on Aeora as she sings 'Up To You' with ease. Pink light swirls in the background and the singer almost looks like an angel as the pink light illuminates around her. 'Up To You' makes you feel like time has slowed down. Everything remains quite still as you sit and watch her sing, until all of a sudden, you see water pour down over the singer and steam rising from her shoulders.

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The lyrics of 'Up To You' tell the story about Aeora's feelings towards a person she loves. With ball basically being in the other person's court, it's of course up to them what they are to do next. the water pouring over Aeora feels like the emotion of the track all of a sudden pouring out on top of the singer and it helps us understand the song's message so much more than we would have otherwise.

Check out the clip and get lost in the atmosphere.

Words by Lauren Payne