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Viral Video Shows Baby Crowd Surfing Its Way Up to Flo Rida At Show

23 August 2023 | 11:15 am | Jessie Lynch

"Who the f*ck brings a baby to a concert?"

Flo Rida

Flo Rida (Twitter)

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In a wild new video currently doing the rounds on social media, a woman was spotted crowd-surfing her baby towards the stage at a Flo Rida concert.

Shared on Reddit on Aug. 20, the clip was taken during the rapper’s at the three-day Erie festival, CelebrateErie 2023, held in Pennsylvania.

The video, taken from someone in the crowd near the crowd, shows the 43-year-old singer giving it his all before his attention was captured by the sight of the infant being passed towards the stage by an enthusiastic crowd.

Flo Rida then puts his mic down, before cradling the baby and kissing its head. At one point, he even holds the microphone to the beb’s mouth. The baby did not rap back.

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In an alternate video posted by TikToker tinguspingus, another fan who joined Flo Rida on stage holds the infant in the air like Rafiki did to Simba in The Lion King, all set to the soundtrack of Flo Rida’s 2015 single, GDFR.

Understandably, reactions across social media were a mix between shock, horror, and straight-up outrage.

“Who the fuck brings a baby to a concert? That's some pretty shitty parenting” one shocked Redditor commented.

Another added, “One day mother and child will be able to look back on this documented moment fondly as they're able to pinpoint the moment that he or she developed permanent hearing damage at a fucking Flo Rida concert of all fucking things.”

A third fumed, “Wow, everyone's concerned about the baby's hearing, and while totally valid, that's literally the LAST thing to worry about in this shit show of a travesty. Someone save that fucking baby from its garbage parent(s).”

Earlier in the year, Flo Rida made headlines for reasons beyond his crowd-surfing infant fans.

The rapper was awarded a substantial $82 million settlement in a lawsuit against an energy drink company. Having signed an endorsement deal with Celsius back in 2014, Flo Rida claimed that the company had failed to fulfil promised stock options and bonuses, leading to his legal pursuit. Despite originally seeking $30,000 in damages, he was awarded the multimillion-dollar sum.

"I could just retire, you know what I’m saying? But now [I’m] more so happy about the philanthropic things that I could do," he told TMZ.

“Those are the things I’m excited about. I get two-for-one travelling to the most beautiful places in the world. I’ll go and do shows, but I’ll stay there and enjoy myself. So now, it’s just like the thing about generational wealth and how I can just open doors for other people."