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USB-Sides: 5 Tracks Dominating Jitwam's DJ Sets Right Now

21 September 2022 | 4:34 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

Our new weekly content series, USB-Sides will see some of Australia's and the world's best DJs showcase 5 tracks that they're spinning in their sets right now. We will dive deep into the USB's of these artists as they discuss how the tracks weave into their sets, how they caught their ear and why they absolutely dominate a dance floor.

Brooklyn based producer and vocalist Jitwam is well known for his distinct musical ability that spans a broad spectrum of sounds.

Most recently he released his highly anticipated latest album Third, which leans into the worlds of dancefloor tempos, soulful beats and jazz influences. The record acts reflects on the process growing consciousness, as Jitwam explores his life in the form of an autobiographical narrative. From the electronic music he was exposed to in London to the rock influences he grew up with, Third is an excellent expose in self discovery and reflection, one that showcases his elite taste. 

On the record he states, "I’ve always had a spirit that wants to give. Instinctually, it feels natural to me. The experiences I’ve had have shaped my concepts of unity indirectly. Taking those experiences into your unique worldview dictates how you feel about certain issues,

“I’ve been to many places in the world, but New York is so diverse, it’s so multicultural. Seeing how cultures can be different but similar at the same time had a profound impact on me.”

It's through this dynamic messaging and cross-cultural influences that makes Jitwam's musical project so engaging and interesting. For this reason, we had to ask him the top 5 tracks that are dominating his DJ sets and playlists right now. 

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Stacy Kidd feat Peven Everett - How Bad I Want Ya (GU Peak True Time Mix)
I find a lot of tunes driving late night in the car with friends. This was given to me by Tash who makes these amazing cakes over at @bakedinspace. The tune is the perfect mood setter, an invitation to jump on the floor, the vocal, the chords and the latin drum programming make this a versatile bump.

Kyle Hall - Step Up
My boy Nigel from The Jazz Diaries turned me onto this one. A proper deep house joint that ticks all the right boxes. Bumpin’ drums, moody chords and super easy to mix in and out.

Da Posse - In The Heat of The Night
My fave DJ and one of my most biggest musical influences Ron Hardy used to DJ this out a LOT. Ron Hardy was known for turning Chicago onto the new wave of acid music by playing the same joint up to 5 times in a night. This one perfectly blends nu-wave sensibilities with Chicago house production and is great for b-boys and b-girls alike.

CAN 2002 - Neba Solo
The theme song for the Malian football team for their Africa Cup of Nations event in 2002, this tune still has a profound influence all over the world. I first heard Ge-Ology drop this joint in TOKYO at some underground basement on a Wednesday. The tune is perfect for taking the dancefloor out of their comfort zone and begin to let loose.

Kaba Blon - Moribiyassa
In my DJ Sets I love to work up the crowd to the point of complete freedom. When the time is right, and the dancefloor has let go of themselves, this release on the first Music From Saharan Cellphones compilation absolutely SLAPS! A hectic percussion workout that gets everybody flipped and stank face.