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USB-Sides: 5 Tracks Dominating Anna Lunoe's DJ Sets Right Now

23 August 2022 | 4:45 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

Our new weekly content series, USB-Sides will see some of Australia's and the world's best DJs showcase 5 tracks that they're spinning in their sets right now. We will dive deep into the USB's of these artists as they discuss how the tracks weave into their sets, how they caught their ear and why they absolutely dominate a dance floor.

Anna Lunoe is undoubtebly one of so called Australia's greatest dance music exports. Emerging onto the underground dance scene in the early 2000s, the world-renowned DJ, producer, vocalist and radio sound has established her name as one of most versatile and engaged selectors on the planet. With decades of experience under her belt, Lunoe became an early figurehead for renegotiating masculine electronic dance music spaces, being the first woman to play the main stage of EDC and now having treated hundreds of thousands of punters to her high octane brand of selecting right across the globe. She's performed at Coachella, secured a massive Vegas residency, hosted Red Bull's Remix Lab series all while hosting her own weekly danceXL radio show on Apple music. 

Recently she turned to release her highly anticipated new EP Saturday Love, which landed on the 28th of July this year. Her fourth EP sees Lunoe reconnect to the club sounds she's well and truely known for, wrapped in a gloss of production prowess and sonic depth. "Being a heavily touring DJ for over a decade, for me, production was something snuck in the tiny gaps between shows, but the last 2 years switched that up. It's given me time to go through and work through some blockages in my skill set and find new ways forward on precious older demos,” Lunoe stated on the creation of the project.

To get to know the inner workings of this undeniable dance music legend, we asked Anna Lunoe to break down the top 5 tracks that are dominating her sets right now. Check them all out below, as well as a few hot DJ tips from the queen herself. 

Justin Jay - Trick Or Treat
This song is a tried and tested ear breaker. Playing a set and want to make sure people know what level your on? Start with this and watch people stop and pay attention!

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KH - Looking at your Pager
OK I'm a bit obsessed with this song. Something about the squarky bass that interrupts the euphoric hi end. Space ship to another dimension. Expert level rave music. 

LSDXOXO - The Devil 
Why is this song the funkiest house banger of all time? It's over a year old already and Im not over it. Will stay fresh forever and I honestly don't know if it goes off on the dance floor cos I'm so busy dancing myself I don't notice what anyone else is doing.

Van Basten & Dismantle - Smack the Door
Heres a DJ tip from me to you. If there isn't at least one time in your DJ set that the whole room looks around a bit confused then YOU ARE NOT DOING IT RIGHT. Your job is to take people somewhere they didn't know they needed to go... so find somewhere worth taking them and work out how to make it work. 

Gettoblaster - Players Ball 
And once they go there with you, there needs to be a reward. A blatantly fun, good time record to bring it home.