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Tyler The Creator Thinks His Debut Album Is “F*cking Terrible”

13 June 2023 | 3:16 pm | Mary Varvaris

“I still think Yonkers is awesome..."

Tyler, The Creator's 'Goblin' album cover

Tyler, The Creator's 'Goblin' album cover (Source: Amazon Music)

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Tyler, The Creator has shared how he really feels about his debut album under his own name, Goblin, calling it “fucking terrible” but admitting that he still loves it. You can watch the interview below.

In a recent interview with Rap Radar Podcast on Friday, 9 June, the Grammy award winner for Best Rap Album (for 2021’s Call Me If You Get Lost) said “Bro, Goblin is fucking terrible, but I still love it,” at the 1:24:46 time stamp.

He explained, “It’s an energy and an aura that it has,” including the “wonky synths” and “gross drums”. Separating himself from Odd Future, Goblin “wasn’t about the music. If you were there, that energy and that aura and that air just cutting through what everyone else was doing is so important.”

There are songs on the album Tyler, The Creator still enjoys. “I still think Yonkers is awesome,” he began. “She is awesome. The first two versions of Nightmare is ill. Tron Cat is still awesome. Analog is still cool.

“Like, there’s still a few things on there, but people don’t know, like, a lot of songs on that album were just random songs I recorded after Goblin that we kind of just [viewed as], ‘Yeah, here, I got these songs.'”

As Uproxx reports, Tyler, The Creator previously addressed his feelings towards Goblin in a 2019 interview with the Wall Street Journal. That’s when he said the album was “trash, but I don’t regret making it.”

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In late April, making himself clear on another subject, Tyler, The Creator revealed that no posthumous albums will be released after he passes away.

While performing his unreleased track Penny during an intimate performance at Los Angeles' El Rey Theatre, the Dogtooth rapper told fans that he has specified in his will that no tracks of his are to be released after he dies.

"Some of these are so good I can't just let 'em sit on my hard drive," Tyler told the audience.

"Because I have in my will that if I die, they can't put no fucking post[humous] album out. That's fucking gross.”