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This Week’s Best New Music: Logan & KIAN, BARKAA, Juno Mamba & More

14 June 2024 | 2:40 pm | Ellie Robinson

The latest update to Purple Sneakers’ ‘Best New Music’ playlist also features fresh tunes from DOBBY, Forest Claudette, Charli xcx and $uicideboy$ – to name just a few.

Logan / BARKAA / Juno Mamba

Logan / BARKAA / Juno Mamba (Supplied)

More Logan More Logan

It’s been a HUGE week for new indie, hip-hop and EDM releases – not only did we get fresh new tunes from some of Australia’s finest up-and-comers, like BARKAA (who just dropped Preach), Logan and KIAN (who blessed us with On The Line) and Forest Claudette (whose new cut Moonlight is destined to be a hit), but the international heavyweights were out in full force: Charli xcx came in hot with her wicked new banger Spring Breakers, for example, while Diplo and Oliver Tree delivered another instant classic in ULTRAMAN, and $uicideboy$ got their fans going absolutely mental with Thorns.

With all of that in mind, now seems like as good a time as any to remind you – or clue you in, if you didn’t know already – that we have our very own playlist dedicated to bringing you the best new music from the underground and beyond, fittingly named Purple Sneakers’ Best New Music. We update it every Friday with more than a dozen of the brand new tracks we simply can’t get enough of, giving you the ultimate soundtrack to power your weekend.

You can listen to Purple Sneakers’ Best New Music on Spotify (here) and Apple Music (here) – and make sure to hit us up on Instagram or Facebook to let us know what songs you’ve been loving!

Here are just a few of our personal favourites from this week’s update to the playlist...

BARKAA – Preach

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WHAT SHE SAYS:Preach is a big fuck you to anybody who still doubts you today and doubted you yesterday. It’s about having a voice… that we’re allowed to bignote ourselves and be loud in our successes and achievements. That I don’t have to stay in the bucket the colony put there to drop my people in. I made it out of that bucket so I can come back and kick it over. I got a new team, I turned over a new leaf and got rid of people not only in my personal life, but in my work life, who were doing me wrong. This clip is a reminder that I ain’t done. It’s takeover season for Blak artists in this country and we ain’t getting the wool pulled over our eyes anymore. If they try, they’ll fuck around and find out.”

Juno Mamba – G2G

WHAT HE SAYS:G2G is all about relationships, young love and navigating my teens. A time when MSN and Limewire ruled our lives, and the most insignificant things meant the world. I wanted to write a song that brought me back to that time and for me, that started with the melodic mood of the lead synth.”

Logan & KIAN – On The Line

WHAT KIAN SAYS:Logan approached me wanting to collaborate and I feel like when he sent through this song it just made sense to me. I was actually on holiday in Bali when I wrote and recorded my parts. My studio was very luxurious; a hotel room with my laptop some headphones and a microphone. I asked Logan what the original inspiration for the song was and in short his response was that it’s about a situation where you’ve laid out all your cards for someone and put everything on the line only for them to walk away. I resonated with that in a lot of ways.”

WHAT LOGAN SAYS:On The Line is about trying to keep up with a relationship that isn’t for you. Having feelings for somebody that doesn’t feel that way for you. Got to work with Kian on this song, was such a great time. We pretty much kicked it, chatted music and came out with On The Line [was] produced by the very talented KANADA THE LOOP.”

Also featured in this week’s update to Purple Sneakers’ Best New Music:

  • Forest ClaudetteMoonlight

  • DOBBYLanguage Is In The Land

  • PIAOflip phone

  • biblemami & BabymoroccoThe Blissful State

  • WALKER.Life & Death

  • Tayla ParxEra (ft. Tkay Maidza)

  • Arno FarajiFXITH (ft. 6abysix)

  • Charli xcxSpring Breakers

  • cassö & JazzyZeros (ft. Headie One)

  • $uicideboy$Thorns

  • Khantrast & lilbubblegumSUCCUBUS

  • Diplo & Oliver TreeULTRAMAN

Listen to the full playlist on Spotify below – or head here to save/follow on Spotify, and here to save/follow on Apple Music.