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The Wiggles’ Unhinged EDM Remix Album Has “Leaked” Online

17 April 2024 | 4:29 pm | Ellie Robinson

It comes after DJ Dorothy (yes, THAT Dorothy) performed a surprise set in Melbourne last week.

The Wiggles

The Wiggles (Supplied)

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Just in case you thought 2024 hasn’t been weird enough already, The Wiggles appear to have an album of EDM remixes in the bag... And it’s just “leaked” online.

Let’s rewind a bit: at the start of March, the iconic children’s music group debuted their latest project, The Wiggles Sound System, at the Hello Sunshine festival in Melbourne (Naarm). It saw The Wiggles deliver new takes on classics from their sprawling catalogue, reinvented as house and dance music bangers led by DJ Dorothy (the deck-spinning alias of Dorothy The Dinosaur).

Then, just last Thursday (April 11), DJ Dorothy returned to the stage in Melbourne, this time hitting the decks for a surprise midnight set at the Billboard nightclub (as part of their Lucky Thursdays event).

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So the story goes, an anonymous attendee at the latter show found a mysterious USB, which just so happened to contain a full-length album by The Wiggles Sound System. Under the alias legweights94, our club-trotting hero uploaded all 14 tracks to Soundcloud, dubbing the playlist “Wiggles EDM”. It quickly did the rounds on Reddit, being posted to r/triplej and r/wiggles within a few hours of the upload (though it’s since been removed from the former).

Suspiciously, both the Soundcloud account that posted the “leak” and the Reddit account that plugged it (Odd_Sample_8903) seem to have been made solely for the purpose of posting the album, with no other content from them. Could it be that The Wiggles have adopted a new guerrilla marketing tactic for their first fully fledged EDM album, “leaking” it only to their diehard fans as the ultimate nostalgic gift?

“I believe it is actually legit,” one fan wrote in reply to the r/wiggles thread, “though the nature of this upload makes me think they may not be intending to release it as an actual album. Might need to record it off Soundcloud just in case it disappears!”

The formally unnamed Wiggles Sound System LP features remixes of some of The Wiggles’ most iconic tracks, with standouts including Rock-A-Bye Your Bear, Hot Potato, Henry The Octopus and Fruit Salad – as well as newer cuts like a very interesting spin on Baby Shark. Head here to listen to the album for yourself.