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The Weeknd Won’t Do Any More Features Unless Daft Punk Reunite

14 August 2023 | 10:25 am | Jessie Lynch

“I just wanna say, this, this is gonna be the last feature I ever do, ever in my career."

Daft Punk + The Weekd

Daft Punk + The Weekd (Facebook/Flickr)

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The Weeknd has revealed that following the upcoming release of his track Another One Of Me, he will no longer be featuring other artists on his music — that is unless Daft Punk gets back together.

Performing at PGE Narodowy in Warsaw, Poland earlier last week (August 9), the singer (real name Abel Tesfaye) announced to the crowd he would no longer do songs featuring other artists.

“I just wanna say, this, this is gonna be the last feature I ever do, ever in my career, so I wanna perform it for you guys tonight,” he told the audience.

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He also posted to Twitter on August 14, once again saying he would no longer do features unless the Fresh DJ duo would return to music.

It’s not yet known when the track will officially drop or which artist the song features.

The Weeknd famously worked with Daft Punk on Starboy’s title track and I Feel It Coming, and also performed the tracks with the DJs at the 2017 Grammy Awards in 2017.

Speaking about working with the electronic artists, the Weeknd said, “Those guys are one of the reasons I make music.”

Daft Punk would eventually announce their breakup in February 2021.

Earlier this month, Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter spoke out about why they chose to end the two-person project in an interview with BBC Radio 6 Music, during which Bangalter said the 2021 split “felt good”.

“The question I ask more myself is why we did end it rather than how it could last for so long,” he said when asked why the pair decided to part ways.

“It’s a lot like a story or mini saga – sometimes there’s a TV show that has a special place in people’s hearts and it keeps that place, and it runs for one, two, three, four, five, sometimes 10 seasons,” he says.

“There’s a moment where it ends and I think it’s actually interesting to have this opportunity to start, have the middle and to end it.”

The French Dj added that he was “relieved and happy to look back and say: ‘Ok, we didn’t mess it up too much’.”

“You have an idea when you’re like 25, you don’t say ‘you know what, we’re going to dress up like robots until the day we die’,” he explains when speaking on their decision to start wearing the infamous helmets following the release of Homework back in 1997.

“I really remember thinking – it would be fun to just have some special effects guys from Hollywood do these personas - robotic personas like if they were part of the cantina scene in Star Wars or something like that,” he continued.

“It was a weird idea and neither me nor Guy-Man ever imagined it would end up taking such proportions.”

“In some way, I felt it was almost like directing a film without cameras.”

While it doesn’t sounds like Abel’s wish will come true anytime soon, we can always hope, right?