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Merch Madness: First Human Blood Stained Nikes, Now A Bladed Vinyl

8 April 2022 | 11:06 am | Staff Writer

Bids start at $1,000USD...

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The Weeknd has teamed up with art collective MSCHF to release his adored single Out Of Time on a playable saw blade. 

He's teamed up with the same company that created the highly controversial Lil Nas X Satan Shoeswhich featured Nike Air Max '97s containing a drop of human blood. 

The collective is auctioning off only 25 vinyl blades for 24 hours only, with a minimum bid starting at a whopping $1,000USD

Despite the price, there's a chance the vinyl won't work on your record player, with the production company stating, "The Vinyl Blade has sharp edges, is a non-standard diameter, and is significantly heavier than a standard vinyl record. All of these factors may affect playback on some turntables.”

This is without mentioning that the vinyl grooves are made of copper-clad steel, which would not get along well with the standard stylus.

Just recently, The Weeknd released the video for Out Of Timewhich featured Jim Carrey and Squid Game actor HoYeon Jung

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You can check out all the information on the vinyl blade HERE.