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'ONEFOUR: Against All Odds' Trailer Drops, Release Date Announced

4 October 2023 | 11:20 am | Jessie Lynch

Here's when the highly anticipated documentary will drop on Netflix.

ONEFOUR: Against All Odds

ONEFOUR: Against All Odds (Netflix)

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The trailer for ONEFOUR: Against All Odds has officially dropped on Netflix today (Oct. 4), along with an international release date of October 26 on the streaming platform.

The documentary, directed by Gabriel Gasparinatos, traces the meteoric rise of Australia's first drill rap stars, defiant in the face of police's efforts to stop them from performing.

The trailer begins with an ominous recording from Sergeant Trueman of NSW Police’s Strike Force Raptor: “I’m gonna use everything in my power to make your life miserable until you stop doing what you’re doing.”

It’s a chilling reminder of the constant roadblocks the rappers have faced throughout their rise to the top as a result of NSW Police’s targeting of the group.

“There's nothing unique about art that talks about violence,” Australian journalist Osman Faruqi says in the clip. “But for some reason, when it comes to hip-hop, we're having that debate all over again — and I think it's because of who's telling that story.”

The trailer comes following Netflix Australia announcing back in August that they were set to drop a documentary on the Western Sydney drill act, who recently set stages across the country ablaze at Listen Out 2023 as a replacement for Metro Boomin.

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The Netflix page for the doco read: “A group of Sydney-based, Pacific Islander kids start recording drill raps to avoid a life of crime. Two years into their meteoric rise, a police task force shuts down their sold-out national tour due to concerns that the group’s music will incite violence.”

It continued, “This documentary sheds light on a controversy still playing out today. On one side is arguably the most popular drill rap group in Australia, where music offers a path to redemption and a way to escape the street.”

“On the other, a specialist police task force working to prevent them from performing in the name of public safety. ONEFOUR aren’t likely to show up on mainstream TV, but their music is a soundtrack for a vision of working-class Australia that should be on screen.”

Writer and Director Gabriel Gasparinatos added: “The story of ONEFOUR is one of the most significant cultural moments in recent Australian history. It’s about the changing face of this country and who gets to have a voice in it.”

Check out the trailer for ONEFOUR: Against All Odds below.