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The Prodigy Reveal That They're Not Going Anywhere, Announce New Concerts

14 June 2023 | 12:37 pm | Mary Varvaris

"The Prodigy will continue to ignite, uplift and destroy just as we always did.”

The Prodigy @ RAC Arena in 2019

The Prodigy @ RAC Arena in 2019 (Credit: Ted Dana)

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The Prodigy will go on as a duo who plan to “ignite, uplift and destroy”, just like they did before the death of vocalist Keith Flint.

Flint tragically passed away in March 2019 at 49 years old, just weeks after the band toured Australia and New Zealand. It wasn’t until August 2020 that multi-instrumentalist Liam Howlett confirmed the band would go on.

Now, after a run of successful tour dates that signified their return – last winter saw The Prodigy play their first gigs since Flint’s death – Howlett and Maxim have announced further shows throughout the UK.

Dubbed the Army Of The Ants tour, Howlett promises that Flint’s energy “will be felt in the music and through us on stage”.

The first gigs after Flint’s passing were “highly emotional and very special”, Howlett told NME, continuing, “Flinty will never leave us; he is embedded deep in the soul of this band and his energy will be felt in the music and through us onstage. That’s what I know and feel.”

Regarding the future of the industrial electronic music pioneers, Howlett vowed that The Prodigy won’t be going anywhere. “As for the future, The Prodigy is bigger than just the band: it stands for something, the people know this, we know this... even more after playing live again."

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The band’s return to the road could also lead to new music, with Howlett admitting that he’s at his most creative and energised after seeing thousands of enthusiastic faces in the audience.

"I’m energised by that and we are back in the studio writing new tunes," he continued. "The Prodigy will continue to ignite, uplift and destroy just as we always did.

“I think I finally realised that I can’t write new finished Prodigy music unless we are doing gigs and [are] out there submerged in it. The best time to write for me is after I come off stage – that’s when the clearest vision is. The sweat and people's faces are fresh in my mind, the feeling is present – know what I mean?

“So yeah, I’ve been in the studio writing loads of beats and pieces but now we are back on tour it’s easier to feel what is the strongest shit and smash that into new tunes. I always write Prodigy music with a strong vision of us playin’ it live onstage... nothing else comes into it.

“Keef always used to say, ‘In the studio the music is 2D, but when it hits the stage it becomes 3D. Playin’ it live brings it to fuckin’ life – and he was right.”

The Prodigy will tour across arenas in the UK this November. Check out The Music’s Perth and Brisbane reviews of the band’s stops Down Under in 2019.