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Corruption, Coal & C*m: A Chaser Remix

27 April 2022 | 9:39 am | Staff Writer

This article is NSFW.

Australian comedy group The Chaser is quickly climbing the music charts, after dropping a diss track to Scott Morrison.

The EDM single is titled Coal Makes Me C*m, and is sitting at #1 on the iTunes charts at time of writing.

The track is a mash-up of words taken from the Prime Minister's mouth at the most recent debate with Anthony Albanese

The track suggests Morrison is sexually attracted to non-renewable energy, in the light of the bushfires and floods of the past two years. 

Some of its lines include:

"F**k you and your family [and] the essential services you rely on."

"F**k you other c***s facing floods and bushfires."

"When disaster strikes I’m ready to go on vacation."

"Coal makes me hard. Coal makes me c*m. My d**k is always hard and it’s only getting harder.

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The song was created following a dare being offered to The Chaser by a fan, asking the group to remix the Prime Minister's debate into a song. 

"The whole thing started out as just a silly joke video where we cut up Scott Morrison's words to make him say some dumb things," explained one of the Chaser Intern team Caz Smith.

"But when we uploaded that video to Reddit, one of the users on the site challenged us to remix that video into a song, and we stupidly took up the dare.

"It took an all-nighter, but we got the track out by midday the next day before crashing in bed. By the time we woke up, it had already gathered almost a million plays. It was going completely wild."

With the early momentum of the track came chaos, with The Chaser encouraging fans to purchase the track on iTunes to get the track on the music charts. 

"We did the maths and figured if we can get a million plays on Reddit, we can almost certainly get enough streams to enter the ARIA Top 40," explained The Chaser's managing editor Charles Firth.

"However, we were thinking it would take at least a week to get to that point. Turns out thanks to our fans we only needed about 48 hours to top the charts. We don't know if that says more about how great our fans are or how useless the Australian music industry is."

Coal Makes Me C*m is currently sitting at #1 on the iTunes charts.