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Sydney Rapper Who Started The Scott Morrison Engadine Maccas Rumour Comes Clean

5 May 2023 | 10:15 am | Jessie Lynch

"It was just sh*tposting".

The man who started the now-infamous rumour that former Prime Minister Scott Morrison sh*t his pants at Engadine Maccas in 1997 after the 1997 NRL final has spoken out to clear up his viral tweet.

ICYMI: On August 24, 2018, Sydney rapper Joyride, aka Rowan Dix, birthed the legendary rumour that has since taken on a life of its own with one simple tweet that read, "Scott Morrison s*** himself at Engadine McDonalds after the Sharks lost the GF in '97."

He later added, "Pretty bad I heard. My mate was working there at the time."

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The rumour mill quickly went into overdrive, with the wild story snowballing into a legend of epic proportions. 

The sordid tale of Scott Morrison's soiled pants re-emerged every few years, sparking countless memes and even a plaque at Engadine McDonalds commemorating the nation's favourite conspiracy theory.

It got to the point where ScoMo himself took to the Kyle and Jackie O Show in 2021 to deny the sh*tty rumour vehemently.

“Can I clear up one thing from ages ago?” Morrison asked the hosts, before addressing the longstanding rumour .

“It is the biggest urban myth ever, it is complete and utter rubbish. I found the whole thing incredibly amusing, I always joke about it ... it is absolute and total rubbish.”

“That you pooed your pants?” Jackie O asked before Kyle added that it was “disappointing” the PM was debunking the rumour.

Now, Sydney rapper Joyride has spoken out on the story that has since cemented itself into Australian political folklore, admitting the entire story was completely fabricated.

"I just tweeted it," Dix told the Hello Sport podcast.

"The intention was never for it to be a rumour. It was just sh*tposting."

"The whole thing was that he was such a Sharks fan that he went to the Super League final ... where they played the Broncos and lost, got so blind that he sh*t himself at a Maccas," he said.

"It was off the back of other [similar ideas], there were a couple of other ones about like Karl Stefanovic at Cremorne Maccas after the Logies. Just because it's a funny thing, a well-known person sh*tting themselves at McDonald's."

"Like no one wants to sh*t themselves at a McDonalds, it's just funny saying 'yeah this c*** did it'."

Following Dix's admission, the former PM's electoral office issued a statement on the matter.

"On numerous occasions, Mr Morrison strenuously and repeatedly denied the assertion made by Mr Dix whenever it was put to him in the media and in public and found it to be insulting, reckless, disrespectful, and harmful," the statement read.

Check out Joyride's interview below.