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Shaquille O'Neal Wants To Get In A SPEED Moshpit

17 August 2022 | 1:09 pm | Staff Writer

Could we potentially see Shaq deep in a SPEED mosh pit?

One of the most exciting bands in Australia, SPEED have become one of the most talked about hardcore bands in the world after a video of one of their mosh pits has gone fully viral.

The band performed a set at Sound And Fury festival in Los Angeles California in the US, where a video of the front of their stage being shared across every single social platform.

The video caught steam when former professional basketball player turned right wing religious commentator and attempted politician Royce White shared the video on Twitter. He commented on it stating, "And I’m the one with a Mental Illness? We are in a spiritual crisis. What in the false catharsis is this? Vegan coke heads getting right up on the edge of physical confrontation to deal with their unresolved despair and angst — Only faith in God can do that. Gloves Off!"

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It's called a hardcore moshpit Royce, has he ever seen one before? The video has been watched over 240,000 times and has received over 1,000 quote tweets. Instagram account viralclipz who has over 600,000 followers also shared the video, asking fans "Who's going to this concert lol."

Unsurprisingly the post has had some high profile figures see it, none bigger than Shaquille O'Neal commenting saying "me". Could we potentially see Shaq deep in a SPEED mosh pit? It would make to be one of the most iconic moments in Australian music history. 

SPEED are a Eora/Sydney based hardcore outfit that are are breaking down boundaries in an era of hardcore music that is being revolutionised by new and diverse voices. Their music is a rousing call to arms, a wake up call for all music communities against intolerance. They consistently cross racial barriers with their members diverse cultural perspectives, as well as calling out racism, xenophobia and toxic masculinity that exist in the hardcore scene.