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Steve-O Responds To Bam Margera's Diss Track With Cult Shotta + Tanboymiguel

26 July 2023 | 12:18 pm | Jessie Lynch

"But come on, dude. You gotta admit, I rip. And everyone's gonna find out how much I rip right now when they watch this. Love you too, buddy."

Steve-O + Cult Shotta, Bam Margera + tanboymiguel

Steve-O + Cult Shotta, Bam Margera + tanboymiguel (

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Jackass star Steve-O has responded to Bam Margera’s verse on Feel Like Bam, a diss track skateboarder and Aussie rappers Cult Shotta and Tanboymiguel which dropped on Friday (July 21).

ICYMI: Feel Like Bam saw Margera take aim at fellow Jackass stars Johnny Knoxville, Wee Man (aka Jason Acuña), director Jeff Tremaine as well as Steve-O, who Bam roasted over his skating skills.

“Professionals? I’m the only one who’s pro,” Bam declared in the song's final moments.

“Just because Wee Man can do nose slide on a fucking one-point curb it does not mean a pro - you do not get little kid points. And Steve-O? Yeah, he skates but he can barely do a rail slide on a fucking flat bar …I love Steve-O big time, but fuck ‘em all.”

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Steve-O then addressed Margera on Monday (July 24) via a video posted to Instagram captioned “My response to Bam’s diss track!”

“I saw your rap song and gotta say, it wasn't great. But the worst thing about it was you attacked my skateboarding,” Steve-O began in the video.

“And I know you’re upset that I’ve been doing so well selling autographed Steve-O skateboards,” he continued, slyly plugging his website. "But come on, dude. You gotta admit, I rip. And everyone's gonna find out how much I rip right now when they watch this. Love you too, buddy."

The clip showcases Steve-O’s various skating skills, which at one point saw him do a simultaneous wall ride with skateboarding legend skate legend Tony Hawk.

As for what Bam had to say about the rest of the Jackass crew, he rapped in his verse about Johnny Knoxville: "I had to take a lesson from the darkness. Knoxville, he's going to be there, so find out if he has the stuff to find out when I'm going to f**k you up."

“You ruined my fucking money makers and you ruined what I love,” Bam added in a monologue at the end of the track.

He saved the most heated attack for Jeff Tremaine, launching a scathing attack on the Jackass director who was granted a three-year permanent restraining order against Bam last year after the latter was dropped from Jackass Forever due to reportedly not sticking to the terms outlined in his contract.

“Fuck ‘em all - especially Jeff Tremaine, he’s a greedy, fat, fucking pussy that makes everyone sign a contract that says everyone can get hurt but him. Fuck ‘em all.”

As we previously reported, Cult Shotta and Tanboymiguel’s manager explained to Purple Sneakers how the seemingly random link-up occurred.

"Essentially, [producer] sincewhen used to produce for Lil Peep and he's a close friend of Bam - he always tries to keep him out of trouble,” manager Charizard told Purple Sneakers earlier this month.

"Anyway, he saw me and the boys and reached out to come through to the studio and Bam was there, and when he heard Shotta, he was like 'I need to hop on'".

Of working with the Viva LA Bam star, Cult Shotta told Purple Sneakers, "He's super nice, he's a real one bro, he showed us mad love".

Check out Feel Like Bam by Cult Shotta, Tanboymiguel and Bam Margera (produced by sincewhen and Zabba) below.