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The Star Deemed As 'Not Suitable' To Run As A Casino, Faces Shutdown

15 September 2022 | 11:27 am | Parry Tritsiniotis

"They've got 14 days to respond to that report and if they don't comply, they're likely to close."

(Image Via The Star Sydney Facebook)

Star Entertainment who runs The Star casino in Sydney could potentially lose its gambling license thanks to a new report into the entertainment group.

The Star will need to persuade the new casino regulator for it to remain open. An inquiry, led by Adam Bell SC was conducted this year and alleged the organisation of organised crime links, fraud and money laundering.

The independent NSW Casino Comission chief commented on the results of the investigation saying that, "The institutional arrogance of this company has been breathtaking and their willingness to take risks in pursuit of financial goals has been appalling.

"Our major concern with regard to the Star remains its culture. There doesn't seem to be any short-term fix."

The report suggests that Star took deliberate steps to cover the tracks of their poor behaviour which included allowing money laundering and organised crime to enter the casino.

"Financial goals seemed to have been the main driver of their conduct."

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The company has been issued a show clause notice by the Independent Casino Commission.

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet weighed in on the issue suggesting that the casino is "likely to close" unless the organisation complies with a court order and is forced to explain why it should remain open.

"Star has been absolutely horrendous, they've got 14 days to respond to that report and if they don't comply, they're likely to close," Perrottet stated.

"There is no place for anybody in any organisation particularly casino's to not be complying with the regulations in place."

Many people are worried that because of the huge revenue that the Casino provides to the Government in tax, the penalties for the misbehaviour will not match the crimes.

Independent MP Andrew Wilkie comments, "There's just going to be some fines, a bit of clean-up and everyone will get on with things because governments, and this is the other layer of the problem, governments are too cosy with these companies,"

"Governments are too interested in the fact that they are major single site employers that they generate a major amount of tax revenue for state and territory governments."