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Iconic Australian Artists Retaliate Against Spanian's Homophobic Tirade

28 February 2023 | 10:48 am | Staff Writer

The rapper, who took to social media to launch a homophobic tirade has been supported and criticised by a number of Australian prominent artists.

Spanian has outed himself as a conspiracy theorist, homophobe over the weekend, letting his ugly opinions on the LGBTQIA+ out online.

In a video reflecting on World Pride in Sydney, he said, "we are done with these Child Groomers. Times Up."

The rant is a disgusting, or as he would say, putrid take on one of the most celebratory events that has ever happened in Sydney. Tens of thousands of people flocked to the streets of Surry Hills and Darlinghurst on Saturday to celebrate of Pride, while Spanian sat in his bedroom and spread hate.

In the caption he said, #cancelme.

His former team, One Dayers took action instantly posting a statement to Instagram, "our company is no longer representing Spanian, effective immediately."

It begins, "We strongly condemn Spanian conflating issues around child-grooming and pedophilia in connection to the LGBTQIA+ community during WorldPride in a recent Instagram video."

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The statement continues, "We believe in free speech and people's rights to express themselves; we do not require that our clients and partners share the same views or beliefs as us. What we can not tolerate though, are actions and speech which (whether intended or not) incite hatred and are harmful and dangerous to people, especially marginalised communities."

"We stand with and support the LGBTQIA+ communities and WorldPride as a wonderful and important expression of love, empowerment and self-determination." 

"Spanian's brand has never been about censoring himself or not offending people. But his brand has also never been about spreading/inciting hate or punching down on marginalised communities. We believed his power always lay in lifting up his community, those who grew up in the streets, in social housing and being an ally to the disenfranchised.

"He has done the opposite in this instance."

Through Spanian's video, some prominent Australian artists have come out in support of Spanian, exposing themselves as homophobes too. Manu Crooks, Mitchos Da Menace and Rates One have commented in support of Spanian.

Many Australian artists have began to use their voices and platforms to speak out against the horrible tirade. 

MAY-A commented, "The support from verified creators in the comments… scary. This isn’t a comment to protect children, this is straight up radically incorrect information to support homophobia. Sad n disgusting. Hope you find some love in your life and change your perspective man."

Boy Soda said, "ironic how many people are showing their true colours here 🏳️‍🌈 hopefully your team educates you on why this is so dangerous and disgusting before they drop you."

DJ Irena Flywaves said that, "your face makes me sick," and Mallrat said, "Didn’t realise you were so ignorant and hateful."

Urthboy said, "Vast majority of child sexual abuse happens from family and trusted friends. Its facts. This is utter bullshit."

Georgia Maq commented on his fake apology video saying, "I bet you you must have felt SO COOL making this video lol. You wanna fuck a dude, don’t you? That’s what this isn’t all about."

Kelly-Dawn, also from Camp Cope said, "Such an ignorant & dangerous rant. Sad. Also, Takatāpui of Aotearoa, two-spirit people among some Native American cultures, Māhū to native Hawaiians, Tongan fakaleiti and Samoan fa'afafine. There are many societies that recognise more than two genders."

The posts have since been deleted. It is unclear whether Spanian has deleted them or Meta has in an attempt to remove hate speech from their platform.

Hatchette Australia, who published Spanian's book, The Unfiltered Hood Life have also dropped the influencer.

In a statement they said, "We strongly condemn the recent Instagram posts shared by Spanian."

It continues, "Our only book with the author was published in 2021, and we will not publish further books with him.

"We stand with and support LGBTQI+ communities and WorldPride."