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Shotgun! Aussies Debate Who Should Control The Playlist On Roadtrips

25 March 2024 | 11:02 am | Mary Varvaris

Should the driver or front-seat passenger control the music on a road trip? Aussies are undecided...

Road trip

Road trip (Source: Supplied)

New data from Spotify and Censuswide suggests that 33% of Aussies think the driver should control the car playlist, with 28% believing the front-seat passenger should play DJ.

The report arrives ahead of the country entering a long weekend over Easter, with many of us already likely planning road trips and other fun events. The data has also found that Aussies detest advertisements between tunes, with 38% of people surveyed unimpressed with ads between their favourite songs.

Other music-on-road trip annoyances include changing the song midway through, which 47% of punters label as their #1 pet peeve, and playing a song on repeat (32%).

 If you’re looking to be the road trip DJ this Easter long weekend – or on your next journey – keep in mind that pop music is the most popular genre, according to 60% of voters, followed by throwback tunes (47%) and hip-hop (42%). So, unless you’re with a fellow metal music-loving friend, it’s probably unwise to blast some heavier tracks.

“Travelling and spending time with loved ones comes with sharing and enjoying music together,” Spotify AU/NZ Head of Music Alicia Sbrugnera commented in a statement.

“We’ve all felt the pressure of being in charge of the tunes, but our research shows that road trippers are happy for everyone to have a turn sharing their favourite songs. You may have more in common musically than you thought!”

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In addition to the data released in the report, Spotify Australia has shared its best road trip playlists, including the indie-focused Coastal Drive, the diverse Driving Anthems, and the pop-based Sing Through The Decades.

Earlier this month, Spotify launched its own fortune teller, Song Psychic.

With the streaming giant’s new feature, nobody has to agonise over what to listen to or ask friends and family what’s good. Instead, Song Psychic is like a Magic 8 Ball, making a decision based on a few choices.

In January, The Music reported on Spotify’s plans to launch new programming, including “superfan clubs” and “alternative app stores”.