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SHOOK CREW Warn Fans Of Drink Spiking Following Incident At Sydney Rave

14 May 2024 | 2:46 pm | Tione Zylstra

“Drink spiking is horrific and never ever acceptable behaviour.”

Concert crowd

Concert crowd (Supplied)

Drum and bass aficionados and rave promoters SHOOK CREW took to Facebook to provide safety precautions for punters following a drink-spiking incident at their Sydney rave on Saturday (May 11).

Their post detailed several actions that punters can take to prevent their drinks from being spiked, including “Never leave drinks unattended,” “If you suspect someone might have been drugged, please take them to a member of staff who will be able to help,” and “Never accept drinks from others.”

These tips come in response to an incident at SHOOK CREW’s latest show at Sydney’s Burdekin Hotel, where multiple punters were spiked.

😢 We have had some sad news about an incident that happened on Saturday night so we are taking a moment to remind you...

Posted by SHOOK CREW on Sunday, May 12, 2024

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“The people involved both seeked help from staff and were looked after until their family came to collect them,” the promoters posted.

They also clarified that the incident came through no fault of the venue itself. “We just want to say that the staff at the Burdekin Hotel were extremely caring and professional and all-round awesome helping the people who felt unwell.”

“Drink spiking is horrific and never ever acceptable behaviour. We will NOT tolerate it at our events and if anyone is ever seen doing anything dodgy the police will be called,” they continued.

Their post closed on a lighter note, saying, “Please look after yourself and your friends. Together we can work together to provide a safe rave space always.”

Earlier this year, SHOOK CREW revealed that the inaugural three-day event, Bass Farm, was postponed.

Announcing the postponement on social media, the promoters wrote, “Unfortunately due to circumstances completely beyond our control we are no longer able to host our 3-day camping event at the property we had lined up.

“We are obviously devastated by this news and have spent the past 2 weeks urgently trying to secure a new location. Sadly we were unable to find something suitable for our April dates so BASS FARM is going to be postponed until later in the year.”

What could have been heartbreaking news became exciting, as two Bass Farm events are going ahead this year. You can find more information on the events here.