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Our Favourite Dubstep Dad Shaq Wants To Throw His Own Music Festival

1 May 2023 | 10:42 am | Jessie Lynch

"F**k it, planning my own festival."

EDM's favourite dubstep dad Shaquille O'Neal - aka DJ DIESEL - will soon have his very own music festival.

The NBA hall of famer, who has also made a name for himself in the electronic dance music community for his energetic sets and his penchant for getting among the crowd in the mosh at such festivals, announced the news on social media on Sunday.

"F**k it, planning my own festival," Shaq wrote, adding, "THIS YEAR!"

While a name and date have not yet been specified, it didn't stop fans of the larger-than-life icon from getting excited over the prospect of a music festival created by the legend that is Shaq.

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"It would be a dream to perform at a festival you create," one fan replied, while another added, "This would be the best festival of the year. I'd love to attend lol".

Following retiring from basketball in 2011, Shaq has taken on a number of projects, but it's his EDM performances as DJ DIESEL that has undoubtedly been the sports star's great passion.

In a 2022 interview with The Cardone Zone, Shaq shared why he chose to pursue a career in electronic music. 

“I do it because it gives me the same feeling as basketball,” he told host Grant Cardone. 

“When I have these kids out here I got to make them jumping down, I got to keep them safe, I got to keep them having fun.” 

It comes following the basketball star turned DJ attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the world's biggest moshpit during his set at Excision's Lost Lands 2022.

"Should we go for Guinness world record for biggest moshpit at @lost_lands ???" Diesel tweeted pin September prior to the show.

Following the epic performance, he wrote on social media, "Y’all gave it everything you had @lost_lands. that’s was crazy. Love y’all and take care of each other," said Shaq.