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Sydney's Ricardo's is resurrected with new home and huge new line up

10 August 2017 | 4:37 pm | Rosie Rae

The inner west of Sydney has always been a breeding ground of interesting, experimental sounds. One of Sydney's most recent, and robust affairs was none other than RICARDO's, bringing together the diverse sounds of Sydney's underground.

Nightlife has always been at the core of Sydney’s thriving arts and culture. In what feels a bit like post-apocalyptic, post-lockout Sydney, smaller, local parties have taken centre stage to keep Sydney's party spirit alive. Ricardo's is definitely one of those special events. It's the perfect event for those who like to go on a bit of a musical adventure and uncover hidden musical treasures. Ricardo’s came just in time to bring some of Sydney’s burrowing underground sounds to the wider community, and is a veritable smorgasbord of musical styles. It has played host to events like Vibe Positive, Pelvis, Red Bull Sound Select, Comfort Club, Motorik and artists like Fishing, D-Tiffany, Cassius Select, CC:DISCO!, and Sam Weston to name a few...

Initially run out of the Portugal Madeira Club in Marrickville, Ricardo’s began with distinctly down to Earth flavour. Drinking from red cups in a venue laid out like a school dance (that we wish our high school hosted), it felt like an intimate house party, with the ultimate underground musical selection. After 17 weeks of dance floor magic, and a few disgruntled local residents (like any good party) the Ricardo’s team took a short hiatus. But they’re back baby, and have now relocated to one everyone’s favourite delicious dank basement, Tokyo Sing Song in Newtown.

Things will be kicking off again this week at Tokyo Sing Song, on King Street in Newtown with Fishing and McLean & Mai:

Monthly Lineup Details:

11.08 Fishing + McLean & Mai

18.09: Willaris.K & vivi (Motorik)

25.08: Steven Be Calm + Eduardo Muchacho

Keep up to date here.

Words by Rosie Rae

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