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Rebecca Black Wants To Peg Pete Davidson

25 January 2023 | 4:53 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

"Damn I guess we are getting down on Friday."

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Get the 2023 bingo card out, because I bet you didn't have this one on it.

Rebecca Black has expressed her interest in pegging Pete Davidson.

One Twitter user posted an image of their 2023 pop culture predictions which featured "Rebecca Black to be photographed with Pete Davidson."

Black then retweeted the list adding, "If Pete lets me wear a strap on." One user replied saying that, "Imagine if this is what starts that and leads to being papped with Pete Davidson because he’s down."

Another said, "damn I guess we are getting down on Friday."

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Eventually Black clarified that she has a girlfriend and is "very in love, goodbye."

Last year, Rebecca Black reflected on the trauma around Friday at Big Sound. 

“I did a TV appearance here yesterday, and it’s funny to be introduced with a picture of your thirteen-year-old self,” she laughed.

“To be thirteen years old in itself is a wretched time, but it's also a moment in your life where you first begin to experiment with things that may or may not become a part of what you want to do for the rest of your life.

Friday was just this unique opportunity for me to do this thing, and I wanted to do it because it sounds fucking awesome! To be able to record a music video and do it with my friends and even just to have it exist… I had no expectations because why would I? 

“It wasn’t me being, ‘Here’s my big pop moment.’ It was just me wanting to have a really cool experience.”