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It's SZA SZN - Purple Sneakers Best New Music

28 October 2022 | 1:36 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

The best new tunes you need in your life from this week including SZA, BOY SODA, Gold Fang, Scruffs & more

Each week, we receive countless submissions of exciting new music, so we’ll be taking you through a weekly wrap up of all our favourite new tunes every Friday. Follow our Spotify playlist to never miss our updates!

SZA - Shirt
SZA has released her new single Shirt. The track is a downtempo, lucious piece of R&B brilliance, a steer away from her heavily pop influenced groundbreaking album CTRL. SZA glides over the moody beat, delivering a gorgeous, varied vocal delivery, one that utilises her ever so impressive, standout flow. 

Brambles - Demon
Producer and songwriter Brambles has today released Demon, their infectious, spine tingling new single. The track is haunting in the best way possible, utilising textural synths and a chant-like vocal line that combines perfectly with a bouncy, dance driven percussion section. Lyrically it is written from the viewpoint of a sleep paralysis demon, one that “lives in a lake and comes out at night to people’s beds to paralyse and pull them back to the watery depths.”

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Cookii, Hearteyes, Lonelyspeck - PAINKILLER
The Coalesce supergroup have returned for their third single titled PAINKILLER. The track continues their distinct sonic ethos, one that is built by the pioneering metal meets abrasive electronic music by Lonelyspeck. The trio combine perfectly yet again, with their unique vocal styles meshing together perfectly, presenting a new form of forward-thinking musicianship.

BOY SODA - 3 Little Piggies (feat Jordan Dennis & Charbel)
Multi-faceted creative force BOY SODA has today released his newest single 3 Little Piggies alongside Jordan Dennis and Charbel. The track is taken from his forthcoming debut mixtape YC-TAPE: Vol. 1 which is set for release in December. The track is a proud smokers anthem, chatting through the fun times that many have had, sitting around and feeling a little bubblier than normal. Sonically its a soul fuelled g-funk inspired rap cut. BOY SODA goes back and forth with his collaborators and various other characters, showcasing his ability as one of Australia's most exciting creative songwriters.

Gold Fang - Big Natty Rasta
Trinidad born, Eora-based artist Gold Fang has shared his new single and video Big Natty Rasta. The track is produced by Swick and is an energy inducing number driven by a ferocious drum and bass line and levelled out by Fang's infectious vocal delivery. The track land's alongside a video directed by frequent collaborators The Sesh adding another visual layer to Fang's expansive musical palette.

Milku - Alone
Eora based art-pop artist and Middle Kids touring member Milku has today released his newest single and video Alone. The track is a bouncy alt-pop confessional produced by Tim Fitz and Dave Hammer that features a humming melody, perfectly set for a European Summer. Lyrically the track reflects loneliness despite the images and memories we have gathered, juxtaposing the track’s warm, bubbly feel.

Scruffs - Stay Up (feat. Josef)
Eora based producer and instrumentalist Scruffs has today released his latest EP, We Outside Now. Across the EP’s 8 tracks he showcases his distinct ability in making amazing hip hop music that oozes soul, emotion and nostalgia. It perfectly balances experimentalism with space for the featured artists to flourish. This is one not to miss and would easily sit alongside a MIKE or Earl Sweatshirt vinyl.