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KAHUKX, Genesis Owusu and Zhu, MUNGMUNG + More - Purple Sneakers Best New Music

31 March 2023 | 3:48 pm | Jessie Lynch

The best new tunes you need in your life from this week including KAHUKX, Genesis Owusu and Zhu, Royel Otis, Whyte Fang & more


Each week, we receive countless submissions of exciting new music, so we’ll be taking you through a weekly wrap-up of all our favourite new tunes every Friday. Follow our Spotify playlist to never miss our updates!


Of his latest release, up-and-coming drill artist KAHUKX shared, "This song represents running from problems, taking accountability, and how my life has personally changed. How we should never have to rely on people, how they change and how you have to learn to live with that." 

"How the problems people face could be self-inflicted and how you need to analyse these problems and find solutions. How people could be hindering your chance at being a better version of yourself and learning that not everyone has the best intentions for you." 

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"How you should always keep it real and never be fake no matter the situation as it could lead to worse situations."

Get Inspired - Genesis Owusu and Zhu

Speaking of Get Inspired's epic remix with ZHU, Genesis Owusu said, “ZHU wanting to remix Get Inspired was a pretty crazy thing to hear. He really came through to twist it into a grimy club track, and even came to spit some bars of his own.”


MUNGMUNG said of her latest track: “Falling in love in song form. Love can sometimes be in one’s head - Is this real or is it just me? PRINCE CHARMING is all about the moment where it all clicks with that person." 

"They’ve defied all odds, crossed the seven seas, fought the dragon, always been by you, kind-hearted AF and see you for you -type shit. I wanted to capture the blissful fairytale we all dream of through sweet, laid-back delivery and flow."

Silhouette - Just Shy 

Just Shy wrote the song’s lyrics as “a manifesto for how confident and free I want to feel when I’m out,” he said, adding, “I’m quite reserved by nature, but a much more brash side of me comes out when I’m dancing or performing." 

"I hope this track can embolden people to embrace their full selves when they’re on a dancefloor, too.”

Rabbit Hole - Deuce

Curtis Wakeling said of the new single, “The lyrics are inspired by the absurdities of these theories, and the people who choose to ignore larger, real and proven problems such as global warming, which is a very real threat, but might not compare to the exciting narrative of a deep state satanist cabal.”

"At the end of the day, the theorists themselves are victims of grifters who play on people's fears or indulge their fantasies."

Going Kokomo - Royel Otis

Along with their latest single Going Kokomo also comes Royel Otis' third studio album, SOFA KINGSwhich drops today.

Royel Otis said on the EP’s release: “Sofa Kings is our tribute to all the used, soiled, stained and discarded furniture that served us so well through all highs and lows. From soggy sheets to baggy beats, relaxing times to guitar lines… Sofa Kings have got it all. With all songs written in the key of T minor 7." 

"Let all those who wanna sprint to the finish line do their thing cause you wanna take it all in... Or just sit on the couch for a bit. You’re the master of your domain. Move at your own pace ya. Don’t second guess yourself, all will eventually see the glory that is you.”

Lilith - LÂLKA

Inspired by the mythology of Lilith, the single was written in the aftermath of a traumatic relationship breakdown as LÂLKA contemplates the loss of status as a kind of falling from grace - while also recognising this has made her stronger.

"This song was constructed in the rubble of an intense heartbreak, as I picked the pieces up to construct myself whole again," she explained. 

"I am reminded of Kintsugi 金継ぎ - the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage with lacquer dusted or mixed with gold. The breakage and repair becomes part of the history, instead of something to disguise."

Fist Fight - The Kite String Tangle 

The Kite String Tangle's Danny Harley says of the single, "Fist Fight is a song gathered from fragments of a dream. I wanted the track to be an intriguing lyrical journey that lulls its listener into an unconscious bop." 

"It’s supposed to catch you off guard and have you come out the other side feeling like you’ve woken up from a surreal dream".

Genesis - Whyte Fang

A dark electronica side project of DJ Alison Wonderland (Alex Sholler), Whyte Fang's latest single Genesis is a beautiful and haunting track that plays with tempo and tension that sets the tone for the forthcoming LP of the same name.

Of her new project, Alex said, "I have decided to release this music separately to Alison Wonderland because I want these beats to live in their own primal world".