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Ashwarya, A.B. Original, JK-47 & Tjaka Release Huge Singles - Best New Music August 19th

19 August 2022 | 11:49 am | Parry Tritsiniotis

The best new tunes you need in your life from this week including Ashwarya, A.B. Original, JK-47, Tjaka, Jean Dawson & more

Each week, we receive countless submissions of exciting new music, so we’ll be taking you through a weekly wrap up of all our favourite new tunes every Friday. Follow our Spotify playlist to never miss our updates!

JK47, Jay Orient, Nate G - At One (reVision)
Revolutionary rap artist JK-47 has tapped producer Jay Orient and vocalist Nat G for their new single At One (reVision). The track begins a new era for the rapper, acting as the first taste of his highly anticipated second album Revision for Regrowth. The track is a deeply personal reflection on persisting through struggle and then realising the harsh, lingering realities of the struggle after growth. While trauma is omnipresent, JK-47 showcases his mindset for growth and excellence against all odds. 

A.B. Original - King Billy Cokebottle
A.B. Original have released their first single in just under 4 years, releasing teaser track King Billy Cokebottle. The track precedes the first official single which is dropping later this year. King Billy Cokebottle points a mirror back at so-called Australian culture, reflecting on Australian Larrikinism via the racist symbol King Billy Cokebottle a "comedian" who often wore blackface.

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Ashwarya - Can’t Relate
Naarm based Australian Indian artist ASHWARYA has today returned with bass and synth driven new pop-hybrid single Can’t Related. Produced by Stevan, the track sees ASHWARYA deliver a varied and diverse vocal delivery above distorted frequencies, a bold, experimental take on recent world events. 

Tjaka - Break It Down
Tjaka have released new single Break It Down, which features a gorgeous blend of electronic and hip hop fusion with Aboriginal ancestral influence. The track introduces the use of didjeribone into contemporary genres along with Face Bass to honour culture through music.

Pink Matter - Can’t Start
Meanjin/Brisbane based pop trio Pink Matter have unveiled their second single of 2022, Cant Start. The track is produced by Harvey Sutherland, and is a groovy, heavily house music inspired groover which combines perfectly with an R&B inspired vocal line. 

Jean Dawson - THREE HEADS*
Musician and visual artist Jean Dawson has released his experimental new single THREE HEADS*. Alongside the single he’s announced his highly anticipated new album CHAOS NOW* will be released on the 7th of October. THREE HEADS* balances chaos and control in Dawson’s art, taking his sonic world to an otherworldly new level.

Lara Andallo - Diamond In The Rough
Frontrunner in Australia’s R&B scene Lara Andallo has released her new single Diamond In The Rough. The track is the second taste of her new direction into the world of slow-groove, emphatic and gorgeous R&B and pop music. With the track she reflects on being with someone in nonideal circumstances over booming trap and moody production.