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Purple Sneakers' Best New Music - July 8th

8 July 2022 | 2:49 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

The best new tunes you need in your life from this week including Tasman Keith, Bumpy, Tilly Tjala Thomas, FELIVAND, Yb. & more

Each week, we receive countless submissions of exciting new music, so we’ll be taking you through a weekly wrap up of all our favourite new tunes every Friday called #TrustedForTaste. Follow our Spotify playlist to never miss our updates!

Tasman Keith - Tread Light
Tasman Keith has released his empowering, self reflective and concept built record A Colour Undone. The album is a groundbreaking creative masterpiece that ebbs and flows between brash confidence, love, introspection and an eventual shed of ego. The album’s closer, Tread Light is one of the most important pieces of music released in so-called Australia as Keith reflects on his life to this exact moment and how his trauma, success and survival creates a path for his future.

Bumpy - Leave It All Behind
Naarm/Melbourne based soul artist and Noonga woman Bumpy has today shared her latest single, the infectious and hypnotic Leave It All Behind. The track opens with samples from nature, driven by the whisper of lapping waves, before a sultry backbeat led by lightly tapped keys and percussion combine perfectly with her commanding yet silky vocals.

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Tilly Tjala Thomas - Ngai Yurlku Nhiina 
Proud Nukunu singer-songwriter Tilly Tjala Thomas has released the second taste of her debut EP Ngai Yurlku Nhiina. The track reflects on a story of love and culture, with the track’s title translating to I Love You. It sees Tilly describe a story via a moving narrative of reclaiming language following an era of Australian culture restricting First Nations people from talking in their native mother tongues. It was inspired by Tilly’s reflection of living in New Zealand, where she witnessed how ingrained Māori culture is in the everyday lives of all New Zealanders.

FELIVAND - Big Little
Meanjin/Brisbane based artist FELIVAND has today released the final teaser from her forthcoming debut album Ties which is set for release on the 5th of August. Big Little is grounded by jazz meets pop influenced production, as organic percussion weave perfectly beneath atmospheric synths and guitar plucks. Vocally, FELIVAND delivers a promise to loved ones in crisis, a reassurance that she will “always stick around, until problems that feel huge one day feel small.”

Yb. - Sleeping Without Me
Meanjin/Brisbane based rising star Yb. has released a new, masterful single by way of Sleeping Without Me. The constantly evolving artist has once again grabbed the attention of fans, releasing yet another masterclass of genre-blending bliss as he vocally floats around an acoustic guitar before releasing tension through a nostalgia-triggering folk beat.

Tseba - The Whistle Song
Eora/Sydney based artist Tseba has released his new single The Whistle Song. The track is a glowing electronic dance music number that reeks of the glory days of feel good, endorphin inducing dance music. The track is driven by a whistle that Tseba performs himself, above warm synths and a constantly evolving high energy dance beat. 

Ausecuma Beats & Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange - Deep Heat feat. Rara Zulu
Nine-piece West Africa via Melbourne based Ausecuma Beats and improvised collective Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange (Z*F*E*X) have announced the details of a collaborative EP Deep Heat / Tropical Storm, is set for release on the 19th of August. Its first single Deep Heat with Rara Zulu has today released and features warm percussive elements alongside a cacophony of vibrant synths. 

Phoebe Go - The Kid
Phoebe Go, the solo project of Phoebe Lou has today announced her debut EP, Player will release on the 28th of October. Alongside the announced she’s unveiled her latest heartstring pulling single The Kid. Sonically the track is led by a gentle acoustic sensibilities, as Phoebe delivers ethereal vocals while reflecting on adolescence and losing the blissful freedom that we as humans have as children.