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PS Selected: Skin on Skin, Mincy, Phony Ppl & more

23 November 2018 | 2:07 pm | Holly O'Neill

From experimental club to funky RnB, rowdy house to chugging garage, we've got you covered this week with mixes from Asamara + Venus X, Cool Room DJs & more

Welcome back to a new weekly segment where we pluck mixes from all over the web and the world, bundle em together and call it PS Selected. Whether it was whipped up last week or last year, if it's worth listening to it's bound to be featured as we trek through the hours and hours of quality mixes uploaded across the net. This week we're channeling all kinds of dancefloor flavours with mixes from MINCY, SKIN ON SKIN, VENUS X & ASAMARA, COOL ROOM DJ's and PHONY PPL. Fans of experimental club, funky RnB, upbeat house and chugging garage stay locked, these ones are for you.

UK DJ MARCUS NASTY is one of the premiere names in the British music scene, pioneering grime, bass house, UK funky and the UKG renaissance across his career. So when he asks an Aussie onto his radio show, we best pay attention. Sydney DJ and Extra Spicy party head Mincy just dropped her firey half hour guest mix, packed with speedy two-step and even speedier transitions. Expect every flavour of the UK underground, a sampling of Australian beatmaking talent and plenty of unreleased goodies too.

Melbourne party crew Cool Room have become well known for their inclusive, immersive parties and their nurturing of the diversity and rising talent of their local club scene. So well known that Resident Advisor has picked three of their best, JENNIFER LOVELESS, ANURAAG & EMILY ROSEMAN, to rep the party at their incoming 24/7 event. In this mix they put their heads together to deliver back to back deep cuts from the complete spectrum of house, leaning into more experimental, pulsating breakbeats and melodic loops.

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New York five piece Phony Ppl have translated their contagious smile soul and funk influences into a mix that'll get you grinning for The Fader. To set the mood the boys imagine listeners "chillin' out with a finely rolled El; room all clean, got the nice oils going for the good room aroma and you're ready to just have your mind and ears go on a musical journey through the eras." The band have mastered their blend of funk meets hip hop, and wear those inspirations on their sleeve in this mix that boasts old school RnB, melodic house and a sprinkling of disco.

Steel City Dance Discs just wrapped a massive takeover on Rinse, with label head MALLGRAB using the platform to showcase some of the best Australian house and techno talent to the world. To be honest I could have picked every mix in the series for this week's selections but the one that blew me away the most was Brisbane's own Skin On Skin. Hit play for a full hour of his own rowdy house originals and edits, with hints of hyper acid, techno and breakbeats in there too to get your heart racing.

GHE2OGOTH1K DJ's Venus X and Asamara have pioneered a style of genre pastiche in their mixing that speaks to a multitude of experiences, and this is especially clear in their Putaria Maxima mix series. Inspired by the universal appeal of American rap across their travels, the two blend modern hip hop toplines with baile funk drum loops, choppy percussion and international MC's for a hype 45 minutes. Filled with the anthems of our modern global music culture, the duo describe this mix as "a political statement, full of the sinister and sexual energy that rules the world. We aim to offend everyone."