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PS Selected: Conducta, DJ Bisoux, M. Bootyspoon & more

1 January 2019 | 1:02 pm | Holly O'Neill

Wrap your ears around some UK flavours, oddball techno and fun loving house across five huge mixes courtesy of HALLA, DARCY LOVE & more.

Welcome back to our weekly segment where we pluck the best mixes from all over the web and the world, bundle em together and call it PS Selected. Whether it was whipped up last week or last year, if it’s worth listening to it’s bound to be featured as Holly O’Neill takes you through the hours and hours of quality mixes uploaded across the net by big and small selectors alike.

This week we have samplings of UK flavours, oddball techno and fun loving house from all over Australia and the world courtesy of selectors DARCY LOVE, CONDUCTA, DJ BISOUX, HALLA and M.BOOTYSPOON.

Empathy is a Perth based party that fosters a freedom of expression and exploration across their local underground party scene. Co-founder Darcy Love delivers the collective's mission statement in his latest mix, not holding accountable to any one genre. He links woozy lo-fi, dense techno, skittering grime and walls of noise with innovative blends, defining a whole new approach to Perth's underground scene.

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King kiwi himself Conducta has just released a blistering hour cataloging his picks for the hottest new players in the UKG scene. Including plenty of his own production, there's choice samplings of 2-step, UK funky and grime in there, all hyperactive explorations of the pioneering UK genres. Keep an eye on these producers and expect even more big fun tracks, choppy vocals and bouncing bass lines in the year to come.

Seoul based Halla's main goal across her musical career of guitar playing, music production and DJing, is to spread joy on the dance floor. Experience an hour of this joy in her mix for Seoul Community Radio, where she spins breezy house, lo fi beats and fuzzy disco. Packed with playful melodies and a driving four to the floor beat, it's like the musical equivalent of an Aparol Spritz; bright, refreshing and zesty. Sip away.

Fractal Fantasy is a label who's clearest definition is being undefinable while curating the weirdest and most wonderful of sounds, it's no surprise then that M.Bootyspoon is a signee. His latest mix for Shake! Boston doesn't take itself too seriously, from the spacey vocal sting that opens the mix to the juxtaposition of thoughtful driving techno with jumpy sparse club and ghetto house. It's part dance floor heaters and part left of centre club and a whole lot of body moving energy.

Grime is a genre forged from the bro heavy world of pirate radio and agro MC's, but in DJ Bisoux's latest mix she highlights the women carving a space for themselves in the scene. As a female master selector of UK sounds living in Sydney, no doubt she knows that women across the global scene have a lot to celebrate. In this mostly instrumental mix the worlds these female producers create are explored fully, packed with spacey soundscapes jumpy high hats and 8 bit synths.

Photo of Darcy Love via Facebook

Photo of Halla via Instagram

Photo of Conducta by Vicky Grout

Photo of M.Bootyspoon via Facebook