PS Selected: DJ Seinfeld, umru, Rebel Yell & more

15 December 2018 | 3:42 pm | Holly O'Neill

Welcome back to our weekly segment where we pluck our favourite mixes from all over the web and the world, bundle em together and call it PS Selected. Whether it was whipped up last week or last year, if it’s worth listening to it’s bound to be featured as we trek through the hours and hours of quality mixes uploaded across the net.

This week we've got mixes that emphasise a community spirit, building from internet subcultures, off the grid warehouse crews and bass heavy kick backs. DJ's BUSY, UMRU, DJ SEINFELD, REBEL YELL and party squad BBZ are behind the decks all around the world delivering the best of rap, house, techno and club music, selected just for you.

Straight off a support slot for the one and only BHAD BHABIE is Sydney's resident slimelord Busy. In her latest mix she blends all of her biggest rap hitters of 2018 into a mix of bitey rhymes, autotuned melodies and bouncy instrumentals. As are the rest of her GUAP mixes, this one was "recorded in the one session and uploaded straight to the cloud with love" as Busy describes her newest half hour as "a new wave hip-hop mix with some influence from the dons".

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London based party crew BBZ is all about uplifting its local QTIBPOC community and carving out a space to party without pretense. They brought out their whole crew to support their Boiler Room set, an electric hour of classic house, global rhythms and unexpected crowd pleasers. Of course I could have just linked the audio but the footage of the MC rallying everyone to the floor and the whole team tearing up at every transition so perfectly defines that enthusiasm and visibility that platforms like Boiler Room and club music scenes globally are founded on.

Dummy Mag has just dropped a new mega mix from Soundcloud sweetheart umru, following the release of his new EP search result. In under an hour he packs fifty eight monster tracks into a whirlwind of hyper club, cheesy pop classics and blistering rap boundary pushers. Traversing genres and tempos with ease, and maintaining that intoxicating level of maximal intensity, umru proves he's the king of internet microgenres and of the mash up.

While he was in the country for the Aussie leg of his 'DJ-KiCKS' tour, DJ Seinfeld soundtracked a sunset for a few lucky Melbournites in a stream for Mixmag. In the hour he proves his spot on the magazine's DJ of the year list (yewww number 14!) and that he has the selecting talent to back up the viral success of his lo-fi house production. Get ready for eclectic house with sprinkles of funk, trance and breaks, and some seriously flawless transitions.

Hands on techno producer Rebel Yell swaps out her piles of production gear for a few CDJs in her latest mix for SANDRO DALLARMI on Switch on FBi Radio. For a mix that she describes as "typical Rebel Yell" it's anything but what you'd expect, as she channels the ominous and commanding with the help of industrial sampling and hypnotising rhythms. Polyrhythmic house weaves into pulsing techno kicks, for forty minutes of intense four to the floor energy.