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PS Selected: Jensen Interceptor, Air Max '97, Qrion & more

26 July 2019 | 9:45 am | Holly O'Neill

In this week's PS Selected, we're celebrating artists who really know who they are musically, and have crafted a specific niche that is all their own.

Welcome back to the column where we pluck the best mixes from all over the web and the world, bundle ’em together and call it PS Selected. Whether it was whipped up last week or last year, if it’s worth listening to it’s bound to be featured as Holly O’Neill takes you through the hours and hours of quality mixes uploaded across the net by big and small selectors alike.

This week we're celebrating artists who really know who they are musically, and have crafted a specific niche that is all their own. The big selectors this week, EPIC B, JENSEN INTERCEPTOR, QRION, VIRGEN MARIÁ and AIR MAX '97. They all produce music and use DJing as an extension of their creative vision, broadcasting their influences and vision of their unique sound.

Qrion is a producer and DJ creating concoctions of house music inspired by low-fi hip hop, percussive club and woozy trance. Her mix for Core on WKDU Radio is an exploration of the thoughtful melodic house and bouncy drum tracks that have become her trademark. It's an hour coloured by playful approaches to melody and a pulsating 4x4 beat, making for one lush ~ experience ~ of spacious club music.

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Part musician and part performance artist, Virgen Mariá is an overwhelming force. Known for her repertoire of hardcore dance tunes in her sets, club rattling "holistic EDM" in her production and a penchant for performing nude, it's usually a lot to take in. Her 'ASMR trance dj set' however is one of her more lowkey offerings, while still curating an all encompassing experience in 3D sound with specifically panned melodies and samples throughout the soundscape. Headphones are a must.

Decisions label head, producer and London transplant, Air Max '97 delivers his most mutated selections for DJ Mag's Recognise series. Defining his sound as "nightmare dance music", his selections span twisted interpretations of techno, breaks and bass featuring tracks from LSDXOXO, ATRO and DJ PLEAD plus a handful of his own tunes. The club edgelord claims his key objective is to "to fuck people up on the dancefloor", and this mix of jarring syncopation, inundating switch ups and a Cher edit delivers that in spades.

Known for blending ballistic rave energy with gritty acid influences, Jensen Interceptor hones introspective composition in his production and captures club juggernauts in his sets. On his recent slot on Lobster Theremin's podcast series, he unleashes the fattest basslines under blistering drum machines, keeping the BPM high and rising, and the energy relentless. The hour moves from electro and techno into jungle, with a few curve balls chucked in for good measure. Try to keep up.

Flex dance music is a genre that blends dancehall, bass and R&B into deconstructed rhythms that hook right into your hips. One of the FDM scene's standout members is Eric B, and his latest mix for FACT Mag is a well defined mission statement for the burgeoning genre and loaded with unreleased material. Full of reinterpretations of big rap bangers, as well as some more intense drum tracks, he explains the mixes core concept as a balance of "Peace & Moddness" explaining “You never know what you’re going to experience when you listen to dancehall, but you know you’re always going to move to it."

Photo of Jensen Interceptor via Facebook

Photo of Epic B via Facebook

Photo of Qrion via Facebook

Photo of Air Max '97 via Liminal Sounds