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PS Selected: Emerald Rose, Dog Blood, DEEPA & More

21 June 2019 | 12:50 pm | Holly O'Neill

Enjoy the energy of the club experience from the comfort of your own headphones with mixes from Dog Blood, Emerald Rose, Andras & more.

Welcome back to the segment where we pluck the best mixes from all over the web and the world, bundle ’em together and call it PS Selected. Whether it was whipped up last week or last year, if it’s worth listening to it’s bound to be featured as Holly O’Neill takes you through the hours and hours of quality mixes uploaded across the net by big and small selectors alike.

This week we're talking about music for clubs, and whatever definition that may carry. Enjoy the club experience from the comfort of your headphones with mixes from DOG BLOOD, RIMBOYS, DEEPA, EMERALD ROSE and GLACCI.

Inspired by hypothetical club scenarios, genre scenes or recorded live to a crowd, these sets all capture live energy and channel it into a easily consumable little snippet, just for you.

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Glacci's forty minutes for Nest HQ is a practiced exercise in maximalism, and thoughtful recontextualising of his production sensibilities. Full of glossy sound textures, familiar samples in unfamiliar surroundings and unrelenting drums, he explains his inspirations best saying "..Imagine what would music from a club in Blade Runner sound like – that’s the kind of vibe I’m trying to evoke with this whole mix".

It's a set of future facing rave tunes that melds current club trends with classic UK genres like grime, garage and trance, and features only a handful of tracks that aren't from his own impressive catalogue.


For their most recent party, intimate Sydney crew Rhapsody brought its best percussive selectors to The Gaelic Club, the beating heart of the lockout zone. FBi Radio's Deepa was one of them, a DJ slinging curveball selections in the party scene and on the radio bringing a taste for niche breaks, electro and house. Recorded live, her hour is full of masterful blends of experimental synthesis, driving percussion and odd samples, following a thread of deconstruction across genres.


Put your ear to the ground in London and you might stumble upon the bass lines of underground party crew Keep Hush. Their secretive parties bring some of the biggest local up and comers and international names in club music to dingy cellars, smoked out warehouses and dank rave caves, and stream everything live on their site.

Their most recent party was curated and helmed by Rinse FM's Emerald Rose, who brought a wild energy and infectiously fun selections to the decks. Hit play for a hectic case of FOMO and witness one of the vibiest parties and most receptive crowds I think I've ever seen, by the end your grin will be as big, if not bigger, than Emerald's.


Seminal Melbourne party Daydreams wrapped up at the start of this year after a seven year run of Sunday seshes. A mainstay at The Gasometer, the party celebrated the sounds of house in all of its forms and mutations, making for a perfect breezy day party atmosphere and transforming into a rave come sundown. Rimboys, a collab between Melbourne musos Andras and Bell Towers, brought their eclectic selections to one of the final parties and thankfully recorded and uploaded their set, blending acid house, hands up chillers and bouncy four to the floor beats.


You'd think a collab between Skrillex and Boys Noize is bound to be absolutely crazy right? Well you'd be... Absolutely correct, it's totally bonkers. The beauty of the Dog Blood project however is the balancing act between ones showy main stage intensity and the others club roots. 'CLAP BACK VOL 1' is a wild half hour that draws inspiration from heavy techno, hardstyle, jersey and club and showcases the versatility of both producers to step out of their comfort zone.

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Photo of Andras by Paula Gallardo

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