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PS Selected: Swisha, Rui Ho, Merve & more

25 March 2019 | 6:18 pm | Holly O'Neill

Featuring mixes from ERIS DREW, HDMIRROR & more, we celebrate Boiler Room and the international reach of DJs and parties through it's unique platform

Welcome back to our weekly segment where we pluck the best mixes from all over the web and the world, bundle ’em together and call it PS Selected. Whether it was whipped up last week or last year, if it’s worth listening to it’s bound to be featured as Holly O’Neill takes you through the hours and hours of quality mixes uploaded across the net by big and small selectors alike.

In 2010, Boiler Room started as a one camera live stream from a cramped party in a literal boiler room. In 2019 it's a global platform, celebrating all kinds of dance music from all corners of the world. Lately their programming has been absolutely top notch, so here are my fave fresh mixes courtesy of SWISHA, HDMIRROR, MERVE, ERIS DREW, RUI HO, that highlight what makes Boiler Room streams so special.

Live from NYC is footwork legend Swisha, bringing a simmering energy to the Half Moon Boiler Room takeover. From drum heavy rap flips to speed house to jersey to the inevitable 160 bpm mark, the set is a masterful build of bouncy genres that keeps the crowd moving. From the disco ball reflections on the wall to the crowd member that passes Swisha a blunt mid set, this lowkey Boiler Room feels more like a house party than international streaming event.

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One of my fav things about Boiler Room (other than people watching loose punters behind the DJ losing their minds) is being up close and personal with the technique of DJs from all over the world. Eris Drew's all vinyl set is full of primo selections of spacey house, driving beats and euphoric breaks, among masterful recoveries of fiddly vinyl screw ups. But that's the beauty of a live club set, you've gotta expect the unexpected and Eris Drew does it with ease.

Along with beaming out DJ sets, Boiler Room streams live performances from artists of all genres and stretches the warehouse party/club show definition even further while giving new artists a platform to shine. All the way from London, self proclaimed "club accelerationist" HDMIRROR delivers a live set of all originals and edits for his debut BR set, jacking the euphoric sounds of trance and early 2000 dance tunes to their most terrifying extremes.

Merve's live stream from the most recent Pitch festival in Melbourne is one of my favourite Boiler Rooms to date for so many reasons. As the sun sets she throws down an amazing selection of joyous disco, squelchy acid sounds and peppy house at one of the best festivals in the country. Watching live from my bedroom knowing that so many others internationally had their eyes and ears locked firmly on the solid talent and community of the Australian dance music scene, just made me really happy the platform existed to give us that moment of recognition and reach.

The series of Hard Dance parties through Boiler Room have been some of the most interesting streams in recent memory, acting as windows into a whole new scene of international gabber fans, club kids and speed techno fiends on the dance floor and behind the decks. Rui Ho's set live from Berlin is a wonderful pastiche of cheesy pop edits, gabber, bouncy techno and BORN SLIPPPYYYYYYY LARGER LARGER LARGERRRRR. Her selections are out of this world and with the visuals of the livestream, it feels like you're right in there with her being inundated by strobes and dense bass lines with every shake of the camera.

Photo of Swisha by Senay Kenfe

Photo of Eris Drew by Saad Al-Hakkak

Photo of HD Mirror via Facebook

Photo of Merve via Facebook

Photo of RUI HO by Greg Clément