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PS Selected: Mija, Aphex Twin, Sherelle & more

11 February 2019 | 4:43 pm | Holly O'Neill

From twenty six years ago to this weekend, we explore the best mixes by the best DJ's from Australia and the world with hours from D-Grade, Lou Karsh & more

Welcome back to our weekly segment where we pluck the best mixes from all over the web and the world, bundle em together and call it PS Selected. Whether it was whipped up last week or last year, if it’s worth listening to it’s bound to be featured as Holly O’Neill takes you through the hours and hours of quality mixes uploaded across the net by big and small selectors alike.

This week we're spanning mixes that are older than I am alongside mixes debuted this weekend, traversing from pounding techno to aimless experimental beats. DJs D-GRADE, APHEX TWIN, SHERELLE, LOU KARSH and MIJA all give us their strongest hours of free wheeling and genre defying/defining selections.

Sydney selector D-Grade has returned to her hometown after honing her craft abroad, to deliver a forward thinking mix for Body Promise on FBi Radio. Over the hour she distills her genreless approach with sprinklings of deconstructed drum and bass, reassembled reggaeton and spacious house. Coloured with oddball sampling and unexpected percussion, her mix is a window to into a whole new world founded on fluid selecting and thoughtful genre pastiche.

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Known for exploring new musical terrain every time she gets behind the decks, the patron saint of 'fk a genre' Mija wrapped up 2018 with a little bit of everything in her mix for Noisey. Now producing music that muddies her DJing genre pool even further, she's a selector that reflects the diversity of listening among so many dance music fans. In this house she's a master of blending disparate genres together with clarity, finding odd connective threads of forward thinking melody and driving beat among freeform composition, huge breaks and groovy disco.

Making the rounds in DJ circles this week has been this fire clip of UK DJ Sherelle whipping the dancefloor into a frenzy with her high tempo footwork and jungle at a recent Boiler Room. Her whole set is just as high in bpm and intensity. Featuring the biggest tunes you can find at 160, halftempo switch ups and a fair few wheel backs, it's a powerful set that deserves to be way more than a viral video.

Underground agency Nectar have just launched their new show on internet station Skylab Radio, and kicked everything off with a huge mix from one of their latest signees, Lou Karsh. As a producer he traverses all over the genre spectrum from club ready heaters to sparse melody driven easy listening tunes, but in this mix he brings the deep and dark. Packed full of sticky spaced out acid, techno and electro and a few unreleased goodies, it's an energetic hour of left of centre warehouse thumpers.

Now usually I wouldn't be posting an audience recorded set from a rave, but this isn't any old warehouse set. Hit play to be transported back to the 1993 dance floor of legendary NYC establishment Limelight, where up and coming producer Aphex Twin brought his boundary pushing sounds. This rave relic is a masterclass in driving 90's techno, and bless those proto-stans who loved dance music so much they recorded a whole set on a clunky DAT recorder to bring it to us. These are the forefathers of modern iPhone live set streamers, and they deserve our respect dammit.

Photo of Mija via Facebook

Photo of D Grade via Facebook

Photo of Aphex Twin via DJ Times

Photo of Sherelle via Facebook

Photo of Lou Karsh via Facebook