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Popular Perth Nightclub Bans People Wearing Red Sneakers

10 January 2023 | 10:18 am | Parry Tritsiniotis

What's next, Purple Sneakers? The club's owner doesn't want eshays in his venue.

Hillary's nightclub Bar 1 has banned people who wear red sneakers from entering their venue. The policy attempts to cut down on patrons who have a bad attitude.

The ban will take effect on February the first and according to owner Malcolm Pages, it will only effect "a certain style of person."

Speaking to 6PR yesterday Pages said, “It’s a little bit eshay but it’s also a little bit of the local suburban hero,”

“The local hero certainly wears a certain style of clothing. If you rock up ... as a nicely dressed young lady with red shoes, you’re not going to obviously be told to, you know, change your shoes. It’s more a certain element of person.”

“It’s more of a look that’s gaining momentum in the last 18 months in Perth, probably Australia. Unfortunately quite often when these people are dealt with or refused entry or they’ve been asked to leave, a large percentage of the time they have red shoes on.”

Page went on to say that the kind of trouble these patrons were causing was an "attitude" proble. 

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“Or they might walk around with a certain vibe about themselves ... a tough guy image.”

Yes, we are serious 🙂

Posted by Bar1 Night Club on Saturday, January 7, 2023