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Pleasures Playhouse Is Staying Open & Is Taking Applications For Events

17 November 2022 | 8:37 am | Parry Tritsiniotis

"This space needs more art, more artists, more bodies dancing together & we need you to join us."

(Image Via Anna Hay)

Pleasures Playhouse, an abandoned Chinatown Cinema turned live music venue is remaining open "a little longer".

The venue was meant to close after 6 weeks of live music which spanned over 35 parties. Following an outcry of support for the venue, it will now remain open. 

The venue stated, "This space needs more art, more artists, more bodies dancing together & we need you to join us.

"Programming is now open for all?! Get involved, reach out! Come dance and cuddle and create magic with us in this wonderful space.

"Movies and magic and more to come soon. Let’s hope she can stay forever."

The original building was originally used as the iconic Harbour City Cinema which housed old Chinese films and has since become one of Sydney’s most exciting cultural destinations right in the heart of the city, a rare feat for a city which is so often reliant on renegade spaces or licensed venues owned by major corporations.

The venue is used as a safe space for self expression, one whose excellent curation drove audiences to its seats and dancefloor. Architecturally the space is beautiful, as the venue honours its history while balancing it with some of the richest artistic talent that the world and this city has to offer. It's hosted a range of events from talented artists and promoters including BBGB Worldwide, Alex Lahey, Broods, Haiku Hands, Carolina Gasolina, Bare Necessities & more as well as community focussed parties hosted by BYPASS, Heaps Gay, Athletica, Fur Ball, Nina Las Vegas & more. All of the events were also financially accessible with no ticket over $30 and many events free of charge.

The venue acts as an exemplar of how to run a medium sized live music venue, one with safety, curation and care at its heart.

Sydney desperately needed Pleasure’s Playhouse to remain open, due to its excellent curation, its focus on safety and the lack of medium sized venues in Sydney.

You can grab tickets to their upcoming shows HERE.

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