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Phoebe Bridgers Leads A 'F**k Margaret Court' Chant While Playing At Margaret Court Arena

9 February 2023 | 9:12 am | Mary Varvaris

"It’s like, hate is what moves things throughout history..."

(Phoebe Bridgers @ Laneway Brisbane. Pic by Mitch Fresta)

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With music that's known for making people cry under her belt and occasionally using profanity when the time calls for it, Phoebe Bridgers accomplished both last night with her Laneway Festival sideshow in Melbourne.

Last June, Bridgers led a "fuck the Supreme Court" chant during her Glastonbury performance in response to the overturning of Roe v. Wade. This landmark 1973 decision found there was a constitutional right to abortion. So, it's not a real surprise that she led a different sweary chant last night in Melbourne.

Bridgers did some Googling, or somebody told her about Margaret Court's controversial views towards LGBTQI+ people before she performed at Margaret Court Arena last night. 

"So, Margaret Court," Bridgers began during the show. "Fuck that stupid-ass, dumbass bitch. Fuck that stupid c**t. Change your name!" 

She then led the deafening "Fuck Margaret Court" chant and continued, "I think hate is undervalued. I think it’s like a fucking weird, white supremacist idea that hate is bad or something? You know what I mean? It’s like hate is like what moves things throughout history. I hate that stupid bitch! Hate is like how you protect yourself. What, are you never supposed to be angry, ever?"

View the footage below.

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Immediately following the sweaty rave that was Fred Again.. was Phoebe Bridgers at Laneway Festival in Sydney. The Music reviewer David James Young said about her set: 

"The comedown arrives quickly, with Bridgers' trembling emotive indie-rock seismically shifting the mood. Much like Jacklin earlier in the day, Bridgers and her impressive backing band play their set too close to a normal headliner, meaning many subtle touches are lost while anyone outside the immediate bubble of barricade-clinging obsessives looks for something to grab onto. To her credit, they get enough: The dazzling Scott Street, the trumpeting tragedy of Kyoto and an excellent top-and-tail in the form of opener Motion Sickness and perennial hellfire closer I Know The End."

Her remaining Australian tour dates are the final three rounds of Laneway Festival: on Friday, 10 February in Adelaide, Saturday, 11 February in Melbourne and Sunday, 12 February in Fremantle.