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Odd Culture’s Pleasure Club To Open In Newtown With 4 am Licence

18 April 2023 | 11:07 am | Jessie Lynch

It's the first bar to be granted a 4 am licence in Newtown in more than 100 years.

If you're a night owl that loves live music and good food, get ready to have your mind blown! Newtown's food scene is about to get a serious upgrade with Odd Culture's Pleasure Club, a new venue that has just been granted a rare 4am licence - the first in Newtown in more than 100 years. 

This game-changing move is set to shake up Sydney's dining landscape and create a new hub for late-night dining and entertainment in the vibrant suburb when it opens around August.

Pleasure Club, located in the heart of Newtown on King Street, promises to be a haven for those who love to indulge in good food and good times, with the 120-person basement bar set to be home of a seven-day-a-week roster of free live bands and entertainment curated by the group’s Group Operations & Entertainment Manager, Sabrina Medcalf (ex-Frankies, The Duke).

Speaking on what details can be revealed, Medcalf said: “We plan to blow up the status quo of what your average live music bar is presenting, especially late-night offerings in entertainment. Pleasure Club will be a celebration, homage, scrapbook; something that ignites or reignites a pleasure in your present or past—beyond that, we don’t like to make a lot of rules. We will be performing all our own stunts so to speak, there will be no limitations for us to pull the curtain open at 1:00am and offer up the coolest band you’ve seen in some time. We are here to entertain you.”

Pleasure Club’s origin came about a while back when the paradigms which governed the hospitality experience and service culture in Sydney (as operators and guests) were being shifted, change rippled through the industry, and everyone was seeking respite in some form. 

When the world opened up again, the team journeyed to the States to satiate their appetite for new experiences, and it was there that the concept for Pleasure Club was born - A cool pastiche of Hollywood rock n’ roll, L.A. weirdness, soulful sounds of Preservation Hall in New Orleans, blues, burlesque, and beyond.

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Nick Zavadszky, Creative Director, said of the new project: “The concept is based on a fever-dream amalgamation of good fucking tunes, the baptismal effect of Southern Hospitality and kindness to the soul, and the yearning for social sanctuaries and places to unburden ourselves of worldy pains. It will be the sonic laudanum we crave in Sydney.”

Medcalf continued, “You know when you have friends that visit from overseas – Berlin, LA, NY, wherever. And you kind of get stuck on where to take them? They have experienced it all. You want to please them, right? Be proud you showed them something different. This is what I feel Pleasure Club will be able to do. It will be able to perform all acts.”