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SOPHIE shares a 20-minute live set full of new music

10 July 2020 | 8:52 am | Emma Jones

SOPHIE has shared a 20-minute online performance full of new music.

SOPHIE has shared a 20-minute set full of new music. The set comes after last week when SOPHIE first confirmed to do an online performance for LA party HEAV3N. The party was being held to raise funds for black trans and queer femmes and was to be hosted via Twitch, but the platform banned the set before it was meant to go live. Thankfully, SOPHIE took it upon herself to still share the set, now re-titled "HEAV3N SUSPENDED".

The 20-minute set features new music from the artist, including songs with vocals from SHYGIRL and Cecile Believe, and a light show courtesy of Pieterjan Ruysch. Watch it below:

Words by Emma Jones

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Image: Supplied