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A Reddit user has compiled a list of 500 albums you should listen to if you're a Daft Punk fan

10 February 2021 | 4:17 pm | Emma Jones

A Reddit user has expanded his original list of recommended albums for Daft Punk fans, now growing the list to 500 records.

Compiling a list of 500 albums, user GlitzyHavoc has created playlists related to each Daft Punk album, as well as the Tron soundtrack and Alive 2007. They've also compiled suggested listening based on The Weeknd's single with the masked pair, 'Starboy', as well as the duo's famous 'Teachers' influences.

Not only is there accompanying playlists on Spotify (which sits at 388 likes and counting), the post author has also created a text version of their recommendations as well as numerous infographics. Breaking the list up into each record as well as categories for 'Starboy', 'Teachers' and artists Daft Punk has inspired, while it's not certain if anyone will make it through the full 500 album, the fact this is available should anyone wish to try some related listening is pretty incredible.

This list builds on from a previous list of GlitzyHavoc's, where the user previously compiled 200 albums instead of the now 500. While it's impressive they felt compelled enough to add another 300 albums to the list, props for just how much work compiling this would've been must also be paid.

"I split the albums into 10 sections based off of Sound & Style, "GlitzyHavoc wrote. "The genres listed are simply reference points to get a good idea of what to expect."

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Starting with Homework the sections run through DiscoveryHuman After AllAlive 2007Tron: LegacyRAMStarboyMusique ("a combination of each Daft Punk era"), Daft Club (artists influenced by Daft Punk and artists daft Punk fans just might enjoy) and Teachers (Daft Punk's influences).

Read the original story on Mixmag here, and check out the Reddit post here.

Words by Emma Jones

Image: (Wikipedia, A photo from 2013 by Daft Punk. Left to right: Thomas Bangalter, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo - via We Rave You)