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These pubs are giving away free meals to hospitality workers

7 July 2021 | 4:47 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

Hospitality workers have it tough at the best of times. From hectic hours, rude customers and sometimes shitty managers, they're some of the hardest working and loveliest people on the planet. Throw on top of that COVID restricting hours across the past year and a half and lockdowns shutting down work temporarily for hospitality workers, it's fair to say they've copped the fair bit of the brunt of the pandemic. Finally a small win for hospitality workers, The Duke of Enmore and a range of other venues are giving out free feeds for hospitality workers.

P.S. this list will be edited and venues will be added as they arise! If you know a pub giving away free/discounted meals to hospitality workers shoot us a message on any of our socials!

The Duke of Enmore: Free takeaway food. Order HERE.

The Oxford Tavern Petersham: Free Takeaway. Order HERE.

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The Lord Gladstone Hotel: 50% of meals. Order HERE.

Sneaky Possum Chippendale: Free Meal and Beer for all shift workers. Order HERE.