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Pitch Music & Arts Festival share their stellar second round of acts

26 February 2019 | 10:21 am | Staff Writer

With under two weeks to go until 2019's Pitch Music & Arts Festival, they've just shared a new round of acts set to join the likes of Four TetAvalon EmersonOptimo and heaps more. The good people at Pitch have just added 15 new local acts and one international to the four-day festivity, showcasing some of the immense diverse talent making their way around the local circuit.

FANTASTIC MAN's been a staple name in Australian dance music since 2011, kicking the project off with a bunch of edits that have since evolved into something far more diverse and complex. He's previously released tracks with the likes of London's Wolf Music and New York label Let's Play House, as well as Berlin's Love On The Rocks and even on his own imprint, Superconscious Records. Each release is blissfully electronic, teeming with an imaginative spectrum that exists outside of anything really being made right now.

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A global name on the rise is ROZA TERENZI. We're huge fans of her at PS, so much so that we named her one of our artists to watch in 2019. She re-surfaced in 2016 with a few years of producing and releasing under her belt. The Roza Terenzi project has seen her realise her potential as an artist, and since the inception of the project, she's opened for the likes of ObjektAvalon Emerson and released sounds on labels like Salt MinesKalahari Oyster CultGood Company and more.

JENNIFER LOVLESS is arguably one of the most hardworking and exciting DJ's to come out of Melbourne. With a background in classical piano, she's an expert at sculpting sound, using techno, house and beyond to do so. She's supported the likes of SteffiDJ Sprinkles and more, presents a monthly show on Melbourne's Skylab Radio called Weatherall and is a member of Cool Room.

Check out the full lineup below.

Second Round Lineup

Adi Toohey (AUS)

Ben Fester (AUS)

DJ Hookway (AUS)

Fantastic Man (AUS)

Gavin Rayna Russom (AUS)

Jennifer Loveless (AUS)

Kate Miller (AUS)

Kerry Wallace b2b Gabby (AUS)

Love Deluxe (AUS)

Lucianblomkamp (Live)(AUS)

Myles Mac (AUS)

Sandboards (NZ)

Rev Lon (AUS)

Roza Terenzi (AUS)

Waxo'o Dystopio (AUS)


16 Bit Lolitas (NED)

30/70 (Live) (AUS)

Âme b2b Dixon (6-hour set) (GER)

Andrés (USA)

Anthony Naples (USA)

Avalon Emerson (USA)

Baba Stiltz (SWE)

Banoffee (Live) (AUS)

Charlotte de Witte (BEL)

Courtesy (DEN)

Daniel Avery (UK)

Dasha Rush (GER)

David August (Live) (GER)

Denis Sulta (UK)

DJ Harvey (USA)

Dr. Rubinstein (GER)

Dusky (UK)

Eclair Fifi (UK)

Four Tet (UK)

Horse Meat Disco (UK)

Job Jobse (NED)

Made In Paris (AUS)

Mall Grab (AUS)

Marc Holstege (NL)

Marvin & Guy (ITA)

Merve (AUS)

Michael Mayer (GER)

Milan Ring (Live) (AUS)

Monolink (Live) (GER)

Oliver Huntemann (GER)

Oliver Schories (GER)

Optimo (UK)

Palms Trax (UK)

Perc (UK)

Perel (Hybrid live) (GER)

Recondite (Live) (GER)

Retiree (Live) (AUS)

Roman Flügel (GER)

Ross From Friends (Live) (UK)

Sven Väth (GER)

Tim Engelhardt (Live) (GER)


Toni Yotzi (AUS)

Tourist (Live) (UK)

Grab your tickets to Pitch Festival here.

Photo of Fantastic Man via Earth Agency

Photo of Roza Terenzi by Samantha Hughes

Photo of Jennifer Loveless by Alan John