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Peking Duk slam the Federal Government over vaccine rollout via a powerful statement

7 July 2021 | 12:42 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

Peking Duk have vented their frustration with Australia's sluggish vaccine rollout reflecting the sentiment of music fans.

Peking Duk have gone to Instagram to vent their frustration with Australia's vaccine rollout. On it, they've reflected the sentiment of music industry personnel, artists and most importantly music fans alike, in what feels like the entertainment industry is being desperately held back by the Federal Government's complacency in the vaccine rollout. With NSW set to host State of Origin in Newcastle next Wednesday despite current outbreaks in Sydney due to the highly infectious Delta strain, Peking Duk and the entire music industry has been left confused as to the lack of support and closure into the future of Covid eradication in this country.

The electronic duo had their Winter In The Domain show set to take place this Saturday in Sydney/Eora. Fairly enough the show is being postponed due to the current COVID situation in Sydney, their message is more so at the double standards in regulations between live entertainment and sport during the pandemic, as well as the piss poor bungled vaccine rollout in Australia, which almost guarantees that until the country  achieves high vaccine rates, this won't be the last lockdown we see.

In a powerful and lengthy statement, Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles of Peking Duk write, “It feels strange to be writing this while the rest of the world seemingly returns to normal, holds events, travels freely and yet Australia who was leading the way with their response to Covid-19 is in yet another lockdown,”

“16 months ago we locked down, it made sense – why overrun the hospitals if it was avoidable. 12 months ago, we locked down, It made sense – we need to protect our loved ones, we need to protect those that are at the highest risk of Covid-19. In December 2020, 7 months ago – we locked down… this made sense, because again it had not been enough time to vaccinate the vulnerable and safeguard those who are at risk. Now in July 2021, with Australia firmly the worst performing country in the OECD for fully vaccinated adults the music industry is facing more uncertainty, more cancellations, more postponements.  America can have events, because 45% of their population is vaccinated. Australia with around 7% fully vaccinated cannot.”

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Image via Giannini McGauran (GG McG) and Daniel Boud.