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KORG Germany releases cookbook with recipes from Objekt, Interstellar Funk and more

21 May 2020 | 11:46 am | Emma Jones

KORG Germany has called on a bunch of friends like Objekt and Interstellar Funk to share recipes for a brand new (free) cookbook!

If you're like me, you have probably entered the cooking stage of self-isolation. Bread, pastas, cookies (just lots of carbs really) have all been tested and tried by yours truly as I try to escape the crushing mundanity of staying home, and if you've even glimpsed at social media over the last two months, chances are you've seen countless others also diving into the world of cooking.

Well, it turns out some of our favourite artists are also making use of the excess spare time in their kitchens as well. KORG Germany has released a very special cookbook with recipes from artists such as OBJEKTInterstellar FunkSuzanne Ciani and many more titled 'The Pyjama Cookbook' and it is absolutely what we need right now.

In the book, KORG Germany writes, "The aim of The Pyjama Cookbook is to share the favourite concoctions from our friends from all parts of music, in the hope of instilling solidarity and encouraging friendship during these extraordinary times."

"Well. It's also just for laughs. Have fun."

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Soda bread from OBJEKT? Apple pie from Interstellar Funk? Suzanne Ciani's Pasta Alla Genovese? Palak Paneer à la Deradoorian? It's got it all. Check out the cookbook for free download HERE.


Words by Emma Jones

Image via Instagram