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Kaytranada shares remix of Sade's 'Love Is Stronger Than Pride'

10 November 2020 | 12:49 pm | Claudia Fallon

Mixologist of sound Kaytranada is back with a vibrant new remix that showcases his effortless blend of funk, groove and dance sensibilities.

King Kaytranada is back with a vibrant new remix that once again showcases his effortless blend of funk, groove and dance sensibilities. Embellished with touches of rich RnB, the Toronto producer has released a soothing remix of Sade's 1988 single 'Love Is Stronger Than Pride'. Yes, this prolific beatmaker has returned with yet another edit that will have you melt into your seat with his lush music production washing right over you. This track is Kaytra's second remix of the icon that is Sade, sharing his edit of her 'Kiss of Life' single in 2018.

Capturing the smooth RnB elements from Sade's original, and adding a strong touch of jazz through intricate percussive elements, Kaytranada turns 'Love Is Stronger Than Pride' into a soft and melodious chiller. With deep pulsating bass, luscious guitars, groovy melodies and Sade's soulful vocals, this remix feels dreamy and warm as buoyant sounds create a transportive atmosphere. Adding electronically driven beats and keeping Sade's passionate vocals in tact, this new edit has become an RnB laden bop that will have you stuck in a deep daydream. This strong production showcases this producer's ability to weave a tapestry of sounds to create an immersive listening experience. Yet again this expert beatmaker has turned a song from its original format into a cohesive and completely amplified edit.

This year Kaytranada has kept busy with the release of the instrumental version of his sophomore album BUBBA, showcasing his knack for creating smooth addictive beats more than ever before. on the remix front, he's also been keeping busy and just recently released a remix of Dua Lipa's single 'Don't Start Now' turning the pop hit into a downtempo, groove focused edit mixing house sounds around the singer's vocals. Most recently, Kaytra has released a collaborative track with Lou Phelps 'NIKE SHOE BOX' that is a classic hip-hop beat with smooth rap verses and glistening electronica.

With heaven-sent sounds beaming from his fingertips and a new remix added to his strong collection (read our ranking of our favourite Kaytra remixes), there's no denying Kaytranada will be back soon with more atmospheric, groove busting tracks to keep the good times rolling.

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Image: Xaiver Tera