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Heaps Gay announces second season of Loud N' Queer TV

20 May 2020 | 3:45 pm | Emma Jones

Heaps Gay has announced a second season of their utterly bonkers live-to-air program, 'Loud N' Queer TV'

HEAPS GAY have announced that after a successful "pilot season" which saw them feature over 50 artists, they are back for another round of their new platform, Loud N' Queer TV. Teaming up with RACKETTCreate Or Die and DPLR to collaborate on the seasons, Heaps Gay have announced the return of the "bombastic live-to-air program," all going down this Friday, May 22nd.

Season two of the utterly bonkers Loud N' Queer TV will be feature over 60 artists and is aired every Friday night for the next six weeks. It starts at 8pm and is broadcasted via Heaps Gay's Facebook page. Viewers will also have the option to donate thanks to Listen Up Music facilitating donations for artists on the program.

Heaps Gay's Kat Dopper said of the announcement, “Loud n Queer TV is an outragous Heaps Gay party online. We wanted to continue to showcase our favourite loud & diverse artists and bring the community together through humour, looseness & fun till we can be together on a dancefloor again.”

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Alice Longyu Gao (US). Girli (UK). Mood Killer (US). Tom Aspaul (UK). Disco Shrine (US) . Miss World (US). Aaron Manhattan. Bel. Blaq. Charlie Villas. Doodad & Fandango. Dawn Laird. Fox Pflueger. Freakclub. High. Jamaica Moana. Jamarz On Marz. Jamie Rose. Jonny Seymour. Korky Buchek. Lalka. Latifa Tee. John Dark (Aka Lillian Star). Lola Scott. Mama Medusa. Mani Blu. Marcus Whale. Millie Sykes. Nic Kelly. Pablo. Phebe Starr. Ruby Miles. Rackett. Rhys Lightning. Sayah. Simple The Drag Queen. Sparrows. Tanzer. The Baroness. Timi Temple. Tru. Weird Alice. Wolfjay. Your Girl Pho

Words by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied