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Flight Facilities share exclusive content with the launch of their new app 'Flight Deck'

10 November 2020 | 12:18 pm | Claudia Fallon

Australia's beloved duo Flight Facilities are sky-bound once again as they celebrate a decade of music-making with the release of their app.

Sporting their iconic aviator jackets, pilot hats and flying goggles on stages around the world, Australia's beloved genre-bending duo Flight Facilities are sky-bound once again as they celebrate a decade of music-making. With ten years as full as theirs, to look back at all Flight Facilities have achieved over the years is to undertake a mammoth task indeed, so the forward-thinking duo have come through with the goods and decided to deliver a point of difference for fans in 2020 to delve into everything Flight Fac in the form of a new app called Flight Deck. The app gives fans free and exclusive access to a decade of Flight Facilities content and includes unreleased tracks, mixtapes, remixes, DJ sets and impossible-to-find bootlegs, reflecting the pair's love for the pre-algorithm era of DJ discovery culture, with exclusive content waiting to be uncovered.

In celebration of Flight Deck's launch, Flight Facilities have shared a brand new 1962-1972 instalment as a prequel to their famed decade mix series, all exclusively streamed via their app. Crafting a historical journey that listeners can visually follow as they stream, the new release spans across various genres and artists, giving context to what was happening in the world around the release of each song. Their most recent decade release is one of five mixes that collectively span across 50 years between 1962-2012 featuring their favourite music across history. The next decade mix instalment is currently well underway with a release date set for 2022, taking us right into the present day.

The new app is split into three categories, Mixes, Tracks and Selects, with each containing their highly requested edits, hidden secrets, podcasts, and unofficial remixes from countless live shows and DJ appearances. Available on iOS and Android, Flight Deck is the perfect burst of new content that we are all craving right now, with fans able to relive their favourite live moments and discover more about these living icons of the Australian dance community. With sound creation in their DNA, Flight Facilities are globally known for defining sonic trends with feel-good sounds.

Since their breakout single 'Crave You' in 2010 became a global anthem in amongst a slew of so many other hits, Flight Facilities have risen to international fame with millions of streams, a plethora of music, an ARIA Award, headlining festivals and sold-out shows, securing a global fanbase, and so much more. As they herald in a new era with their Flight Deck app, the boys continue to prove they are unstoppable and versatile in the sounds and content they create. It's safe to say the pair have successfully soared to towering heights.

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So now it's time to stow your tray table, put your seat in the upright position, sit back and relax as Flight Facilities take you to new altitudes with the release of their most exciting content yet.

Download the Flight Deck app HERE


Image: Supplied