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Our audience reacts to dancing being banned in New South Wales across in January

7 January 2022 | 2:09 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

Today, the NSW government announced new restrictions in NSW due to high rates of COVID infection and hospitalisation rates.

Today, the NSW government announced new restrictions in NSW due to high rates of COVID infection and hospitalisation rates.

With the announcement, singing and dancing have been banned in licenesed venues until the 27th of January. As assumed, the new restrictions have been met with anger and frustration, with the government taking no responsibility for the massive amount of case numbers in the state.

Once again, the governments incompetence on a national and state level is absolutely smashing our public health system, with live music and arts being blamed rather than any accountability from the people at the top.

Our audience reacted, loud and proud, here are their reactions.

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"This is so frustrating and its hard to be selfish but we need to protect the health care system. If the NSW Liberal government were competent however, we'd be happily dancing and clubbing at the moment. A hint of accountability or responsibility from there end would be so great. They've seriously fucked up this re-opening plan. People are sick, and getting sicker, and they cant even get tested? Anyway..."

"It's extremely frustrating. What were the last two years of sacrifices for if these industries are the first to fall again? Hospitality and the arts were abandoned at the very start and it hasn't changed two years in."

"Everybody who goes clubbing already has or had covid and ready to make the most of a bit of immunity."

"Cool ? so the plan is to reintroduce restrictions of leisure and cultural activities, very late in the game, but everyone's gotta keep working and no lockdowns (coz then the govt would have to actually pay and support people). We could have avoided this desperate situation if our govt had kept reasonable restrictions in place."

"Are sporting events cancelled too?"

"Does the government realise that these restrictions genuinely screw over some artists main source of income? i feel like they think that live music is just a leisure for everyone but for some of us it’s our bloody jobs."

"The arts are always the first to be picked on. I bet sporting events are still running"

"I'm so confused to what we have done in the past two years to support the arts to have just ended up back here?"

"I feel like nightclubs are just the scapegoat in a way but the government have to look like they’re doing something. So they just close the most high risk settings"

"Clubs are first thing to close and last thing to open. So if the NSW government had been slower and more measured with reopening, nightclubs would not have reopened."

"We also reopened in the context of low case numbers, high vax rates and no omicron. So I don’t blame them for going hard with reopening to expedite economic recovery. However there should have been foresight that cases would go up and with that should have come more access to testing & clearer definitions about close contacts etc"

"With any government mandated closure of an industry should come reciprocal fiscal support. However the federal government has shown no interest in supporting the arts in this entire pandemic. and the current nsw government.. well we know they coudnt care less"